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Happy Reunion

We appeared on the stage of "Shimajirou Special Concert" at the Ariake Coliseum today!

The popularity of Shimajirou (Transl. Note: Popular Children's TV Character) is high as ever, and we emulously did the best performance .However, because we had a speech, in fact all the members tasted a pressure a bit different from ordinary stages.\(^o^)/

And speaking of Shimajirou & World Order, people we should not forget ... CHILD ORDER!!!!!

We met them for the first time in a long time, and got energy from them. Some children came from long distance so it was only the day before all of us could practice together, but they had practiced the dance moves we had given them, in advance, so their dance was splendid. Well done ! (。-∀-。)

They seemed to grow a little bit and to improve the dance.


I appreciate from the bottom of my heart, the beautiful flowers which we get sent to every Show. Moreover this time the flowers were also prepared for CHILD ORDER .♫ Thank you so much!!!

Hey! We are going to the next step so as not to be beaten by CHILD ORDER....


(Transl. Note: he word "Seiya" is the Japan specific call)


Masato Ochiai

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Kindiy translated by: Ayumi. (Thanks a lot!)

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