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Salad & the return of the cold days

Good Morning! ヾ(゜∇゜●)ノ″

Good Morning in many, many languages.

Good work to everyone in the past week.

It’s the beginning of a new week. Last week, the chilliness returned, with the cold days continuing throughout the second-half. I hope everyone is doing well. Spring is so soon, yet the days of shivering still come, so best be on your guard.

It was a week of freezing winds, but I hope that everyone else spent it in warmth...

【Salad, the return of cold days and Jiiji (´ ▽`○)″】


81st day of 2016

Holiday Monday.

Today, there were a lot of white puffy clouds swimming in the blue sky. During the evening sunset, the sun quietly went down, colouring the sky in one big orange colour. Tonight, I had spread one skewer-worth of Yakitori (TL note: grilled chicken; usually skewered by a long-thin stick while being cooked over charcoal fire and glazed with tare sauce.) over my salad.This combination was delicious…(゜Ο゜●)″