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Salad & the return of the cold days

Good Morning! ヾ(゜∇゜●)ノ″

Good Morning in many, many languages.

Good work to everyone in the past week.

It’s the beginning of a new week. Last week, the chilliness returned, with the cold days continuing throughout the second-half. I hope everyone is doing well. Spring is so soon, yet the days of shivering still come, so best be on your guard.

It was a week of freezing winds, but I hope that everyone else spent it in warmth...

【Salad, the return of cold days and Jiiji (´ ▽`○)″】


81st day of 2016

Holiday Monday.

Today, there were a lot of white puffy clouds swimming in the blue sky. During the evening sunset, the sun quietly went down, colouring the sky in one big orange colour. Tonight, I had spread one skewer-worth of Yakitori (TL note: grilled chicken; usually skewered by a long-thin stick while being cooked over charcoal fire and glazed with tare sauce.) over my salad.This combination was delicious…(゜Ο゜●)″


82nd day of 2016

Today is a warm Tuesday

Today, the sky clear and beautiful. Having some toast with strawberry jam, I add some chocolate on top too, to make chocolate toast. Bread is definitely delicious…Also, today’s evening sun was vivid.


83rd day of 2016

Today is clear with blue skies(゜▽゜●)″ It has resulted in warm weather. With distinct shadows, I return home in a T-shirt and feel comfortable in knitted clothes. In the morning, a circular halo surrounds the sun, slightly behind some clouds. It seems like tomorrow will be cold.

The temperature difference is still harsh…May everyone be careful.


84th day of 2016

Today, the chilliness returns…The skies, cloud and rain imminent.

The morning was pretty much cold. This morning, there was a girl who had fallen on the stairs at the train station. I told someone of the station staff: “Oh, then, I’ll contact someone…” Since he didn’t come back,

I asked another person of the staff about the girl, and even asked for a wheelchair, but: “Ah, I’ll ask someone else…”

Really!? What are you all saying!? Go and run for help, will you!?... were my inner-thoughts, filled with annoyance… Well, it is the morning, so the staff might be busy. And they could actually be running around In light response to the troubles of others.

I was being an upset Jiiji

(゜▽゜●;) Ha ha

In the end, we were able to safely get the girl in a wheelchair… But, she was on her way to Disneyland, so I hope she could go there later…

And now, today’s work… After some rehearsal in the morning, I performed at the upmost of my ability on an amazing stage.

Today was a warm day. And on my way home… I passed by Yanaka Atsushi san of Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra at the Shinagawa station escalator…There was an atmosphere about it…

When I returned home, I could hear someone’s cry…And it was crybaby Ryousuke…“Big sis… hit me… Waaaah…” After raising Ryousuke up high and spinning him around, he soon stopped crying, solving the little prank by Miu-chan…

I apologize for making anyone worry… Both of them are well and healthy (゜▽゜●)”