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WORLD ORDER ART Exhibition 2016 & FAN BOOK

If you could send WORLD ORDER a Message, what would you tell them?

Dear Fellow Fans

The WORLD ORDER international Fansite will have the extraordinary opportunity to travel to Tokyo for the WORLD ORDER ART Exhibition, taking place from May 9th to 14th.

We will be not only bringing you an Insight of this Event, we’d also like to bring WORLD ORDER

a Message from all non-Japanese Fans, in the Form of a PHOTO-FAN BOOK.

So if you have something to tell them, here’s your chance!

And here’s what you have to do:

-Send us your Message to WORLD ORDER, as Text of maximum 40 Words or 200 Characters, preferably in English*, including your Name and Country of Origin.

(*Of course, you can send your message in your mother Language too, but please consider that English Messages might be easier for the Group to read than other languages)

-With your Text message, PLEASE INCLUDE ONE PICTURE**, (Maximum Size 900 x 750), preferably, a Selfie, but it can also be an Image of your country, a hand written message, Art Work, etc. You can also arrange several images into ONE Picture. Other than that, there are NO Limitations to show your Love. Let your creativity Fly !