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Training under Cherry blossoms

Today's Training is “cherry-blossom”

The season of cherry blossoms has come. (^^)

Winter in Tokyo is cold (though not as cold as in my hometown, Sapporo), so I become lazy to go outside and have a difficult time going for a jog.

Spring comes in and I suffer from hay fever. But, seeing beautiful cherry blossoms and falling petals,

I feel that four seasons add variety and color to my everyday life. Winter is important! !

On a day like this, it is warm, and I see cherry blossoms, just by walking on the street.

In Hokkaido, cherry blossoms don’t bloom as beautifully as in Tokyo. So, I was moved to see cherry trees in full bloom when I first moved to Tokyo.

People will enjoy Cherry blossom viewing on weekend in various places.

Some people can’t wait, don’t they? (*^_^*)

Let’s workout healthy- and happily. (^^)

Recently, I haven’t been going to the gym gradually. Instead, I go to the park and stadium. It’s only on rainy days that I go to the gym.



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Kindly Translated by: Kazumi (Thanks a lot!)

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