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It's snowing Sakura!

Good Morning! ヾ(゜∇゜●)ノ″

Good Morning in many, many languages.

A new week has begin.

You guys have worked hard for the past 1 week.

Lots of cherry petals have scattered along the street...

And you can see that the greens are getting more prominent on the cherry blossom trees.

For one whole year, although for a very short period of time

Sakura really calms one`s heart.

I hope you guys had the same good week of warm days...

【I saw a snowing of Sakura ((゜▽゜●) 】


(95th day of 2016)

The new week started out with rain.

It's Monday that marks the start. The air feels warm and lively.

Peanut cream toast in the morning, and at night, was black pepper almond snack which I received. (↑It's so tasty I couldn't stop eating)

Then, I had potato salad & breast tender on lettuce salad. Salad dressing is Japanese-style and my favorite Tabasco sauce which I received,

and I have them over my salad.

゛Spicy Salad/(゜▽゜●)゛

Come to think of it...

I have been living my life just with the things I received.

This is Jiiji.


(96th day of 2016)

This morning, the temperature decrease since yesterday

And its feeling a little chilly yet cheerily.

Again, the morning started with rain.

Today is also a cold rainy Tuesday.

Yesterday I fell asleep early

and I was all awake by 3am (゜〇゜●)” dohyahya

Jiiji is up really early.

Because I have to leave house early...

I stayed awake since then.

And to the studio which is located at the direction of rainbow bridge.

On my way there, the train I took was packed with waves of office workers.

On my way home,

the packed train was rocking with office workers. Do give your all to your busy everyday.


(97th day of 2016)

It has been for a while since it's all sunny from the morning...

It was a great day for cherry blossom viewing...

I wonder if those who were at the school entrance ceremony yesterday and today, were also there...

It would be great, if you have a splendid, warm, cherry blossoming school entrance ceremony...

I had my usual peanut cream toast with chocolate bar.

And... Since I also have some free time today

I started working on the art exhibition... My wrist was

also screaming in pain today as I concentrate and concentrate!!

Pyoroooooon (● ̄∇ ̄)ノ”...


(98th day of 2016)

I was prepared to wake up at 2:30 am today too...

damn early!!!

( ̄ ∇ ̄ ●;)””kabi-n

and I was going to leave the house before it turns bright.

The rain hasn't fall yet but...

from the station of the work location, it was a rainy street...

Sakura petals fell together with the rain.

Today I was the whole day for work, in a studio that has a Godzilla, so I wasn't sure how the weather was like, outside...

On my way home, the whole place was covered with sakura blown off the trees by rain and wind, looking like it has just snowed.

Sky taken at studio on my way home.

I received some snacks from the dressing room backstage...

And from then...

Today is the first time I made use of the new station near my home when I went back... was near

(゜〇゜;●) Just a 2-3mins walk!!! I'm definitely going to use this station...

With this and that, today, I had given my best.

Let's live the fight the second half of the war for the week.