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Prayers for Kumamoto

Good Morning! ヾ(゜∇゜●)ノ″

Good Morning in many, many languages.

Good morning everyone

A new week has started.

Last weekend, Kumamoto has been devastated by consecutive large earthquakes.

I think many people are worried, of the fear of earthquakes that loom over Kyushuu during the weekend.

and because we also have many fans who are in Kumamoto...

On top of the never stopping aftershocks.

there are also volcanic eruption and landslide disasters.

Days in which we still cannot totally live at ease will continue.

I hope everyone will stay safe and sound.

And be really careful till we meet again, in good health.

I may be in a place away from where you guys are in

I may not be of much help.

But I will pray for nothing more than this present disaster to not happen again.



(102th day of 2016)

This morning as I made my first step outside...

I shivered involuntarily when I felt the chilly air...

I guess it was because yesterday had been pretty warm...

People tend to be less careful with the cold air in the evening.

Do Keep yourself warm for the start of the Monday...

The sun came out in the afternoon...

But the air was filled with strong cold wind.

The work pieces for the art exhibition are moving step by step...

I wasn't able to decide what exactly should I draw...

think I will let my imagination move freely as I draw...

I wonder what kind of work will I be producing...


(103th day of 2016)

This morning was cold too...

Somehow it snowed in some places too...

And it seems like snow piled up in some areas of Hokkaido...

Just when I was preparing for Spring.

The weather decided to change suddenly to return to Winter season.

Everyone, do take care of your health.

Here we have, a Tuesday where even though the sun is brisking so brilliantly, the air feels cold...

As usual, Jiiji is having his coffee with toast.


(104th day of 2016)

This morning I was up again at 3am, and started preparation.

Today work was also from early morning.

Light rain sprinkles, the air was cold this morning.

Even though it rained,

today`s weather forecast was Sunny...

In the end, it ended up being a little chilly Wednesday.

Work ended without a hitch before noon.

And today, I met friends whom we started dancing together, and they came to assist us in our work.

It has been sometime since we gathered.

So, on our way home, we had lunch together.

and I order 2 glasses of wine with fried potato and sausage.

Even though it was for work, I'm really happy to be able to meet up with friends whom we knew each other long before.

The sun showed a little of his face between the streets of clouds as I made my way home...

I wonder if its going to be sunny tomorrow...


(105th day of Year 2016)

Yesterday`s rain is still left till today, and from the ground, we could see the reflection of the sky.

It was a cloudy day.

It has been a while since I had mini pork-fillet cutlet toast.

Dinner was Tofu on lettuce salad.

Recently, the way I'm eating lettuce is like…

somehow, something just seems to be missing when I don't have it in the evening.

Today there was also an earthquake here in Tokyo.

But in Kumamoto, it was shaking at a much greater scale...

Is everyone in Kumamoto fine?

I'm worried...

I hope it doesn't get worse...


(106th day of 2016)

A night after the earthquake at Kumamoto

The TV was showing scenes of how the place was affected by the disaster.

Kumamoto Castle`s stonewalls and tile roofing were dislodged and collapsed.

Flights and trains services were cancelled.

TV showed scenes of view of the streets, showed how much damages the earthquake brought.

I cant believe the place in which we had our shooting for JATA, took on such a lot of the damage caused by the earthquake.

I know that you guys aren't going to live in peace and calm, knowing that from now, there will be many large aftershocks...

But i really hope everyone will be careful...

Today was also rehearsal for work.

There were so many moves to remember that my head is fully occupied.

One by one, I have to sort them out clearly...

Today was nice and warm weather. Sakura have revealed fresh green leaves,..

even the pigeons have come out to play...

Cats basking in the sun...

It's a Friday full of spring liveliness.


(107th day of 2016)

Today I went for acting rehearsal, from afternoon till 1930 PM

was there to observe the other`s rehearsal while I went through my own choreography, making changes to it.

Once again, I was overwhelmed by their awesomeness...

[Theatre CompanySpace Acting Act #52]

【Lager. Man who incited riot】

Script written by/ Okabe Koudai

Directed by/Okabe Daigo

29 Apr 2016 - 08 May (Worsal Theatre)

After rehearsal ended, I went for a drink with the producer, director, cast and crews.and on my way home, I had a super spicy Stamina Rice bowl.

”It was soooooo delicious



(108th day of 2016)

The wind was so strong, and you could see how the clouds were moving frantically.

My bathroom door looked like it was going to be blown away...

it opened and closed violently...

Once in a while you could see the sky turned from cloudy to blueish

and again the sun plays hide and seek...

you see it now, and it hides away again later.

Even though its Sunday, the sun, is really a hard working bee...

Everyone, it has been a week of hard work.

Start of a new week.

I hope it will be a tranquil new week for everyone,

Where you heart gets some calm and peace.……

I wish for everyday every moment of your week to be full of warmth.

I hope that the gentle wind will blow softly into everyone`s heart.

Don't worry, don't worry! you will be fine.

The wind blew.

Lets live!!

【I hope the world will be full of friendly warm smiles.】

【I hope the hearts of the people in Kumamoto will have a little peace for the week...】

Let's hope that this new week will be peaceful...

Off we go.

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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Kindly translated by: Ray Y. (Thanks a lot!)

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