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You are not alone

For everyone in Kyushu,

You must be going through a difficult time...

Earthquake related news being repeated on TV, continuous aftershocks, mental stress, I feel it's a heartbreaking situation.

We are in the midst of reconstruction from the Tohoku Earthquake in 2011, and so many people are still struggling.

You know the situation, so you may be increasingly worried about your future.

What’s going to happen to Japan?

It’s such a world that everybody feels unsure, to a greater or lesser.

I’m so shocked to know how little I can do.

Thinking what I can do for them if only a little, I don't have the answers.

I believe that I have no choice, but to do so hard what I can do.

I’ll do my best, not to give in to myself. We’ll get through this together.

“You are not alone.”

Recently, I’m so embarrassed that I hesitate to post selfies much, but I fire me up this time.

I’ve been shooting a film in preparation for the Art Exhibition, presently.

When I think that I can show you the film, I have to pump it up more than ever.



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Kindly Translated by: Kazumi (Thanks a lot!)

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