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Encounters in the Sauna

“Sa Road” Is the Abbreviation for “Sauna” and the Title of a Manga, which’s Author, also is a Sauna Ambassador.

I got hooked into Sauna after reading this. To soak in the Water and entering the Sauna… repeating this procedure, seems to put you into a trance-like State. I wanted to experience it, so I started going to the Sauna. Now it’s become a Routine. Get deep relaxation by entering the Sauna, like the Manga character.

“Well prepared!”

That being said, the other day, I saw some familiar faces coming into the Sauna: Senior Dancers like KENZO from DA PUMP , and FISHBOY from RADIOFISH

Both were already at the forefront of Japanese Dace Scene when I started dancing. I had met them in other events, and was never able to speak too much to them.

But this time, I was talking to them, even naked! This, is also Sauna Fun.

Everyone, please welcome a good weekend with a “Sauna Journey”.



Ryuta Tomita

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