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Fight on, Kumamoto!

Good Morning! ヾ(゜∇゜●)ノ″

Good Morning in many, many languages.

A new week has started.

Days has passed since the Kumamoto`s earthquake

Gradually, transport lifeline system such as the planes and railway are getting back in operation

and it seems like volunteers now have a way of getting to Kumamoto...

We can also learn more about the situations in Kumamoto through News and Talk&Variety show.

Under severe situation of aftershocks continue shaking the cities of Kumamoto,

things concerning rain and temperature and sanitation,

and physical and mental health are getting worrying,

I pray you guys to spend the week safe, calm and in good health condition,

somewhere away from the dangerous place.

【FIGHT KUMAMOTO!!\(●゜▽゜●)】


(109th day of 2016)

Start of a new week

Today was nice and warm

although the sky wasn't as clear...

Air of Spring, Today I draw out a new piece of work...

But I don't know what this drawing is going to turn out into...

As I try to put whatever images I have in my head into drawing...

everything turns out into a mess...

I found a picture of a squirrel...

it has also got cute cheeks...

and its fingers are rather cute too.

I wonder what is the this squirrel thinking about...

][oOps!! You gave me a shock... (゜Д゜●;)

”Nono...I.. I havent been snacking..



(110th day of 2016)

Today I woke up really early...

And took off together with the rising sun...

The sky was so beautiful, looking so blueish, and the sun hiding behind the clouds.

Morning is still cold...

And from then, I didn't have a chance to look up into the sky again because I was In studio for the rest of the day.

Together with the staff, it was a tough shooting session that we had...

Thank you so much.

Because of you guys, the shooting ended well.

Thank you.

The night sky on my way home,

Air was also a little chilly.

Even though my legs had worked so hard that it became stiffed, I had a nice and warm day.


(111th day of 2016)

I guess it's because I had to wake up very early many times recently,

I was up a couple of time in the middle of the night last night.

This morning, the air was warm too, and the morning sky was blue and calm.

Today I had myself locked up in the house...

to concentrate on the art exhibition pieces.

I forgot all about TIME as I concentrate.

From the outside, shone a light in orange into my room and when I check the clock, it's already evening.

I went to the rooftop to take a breather.

Its always so calm and peaceful here...

…anyway... collaboration with my bro and drawing...

Isn't his drawing awesome?.. oh gosh...

I hope my bad drawing won't be a hindrance to his...

This is troubling...

(The works that I'm presenting this time, for those who cannot make it to the event for whatever reason,

I hope i could have them nicely kept in a form of photo, and upload them onto this diary.)

During such tough times...

I really want to thank you guys.


(112th day of 2016)

Today the sky is covered with thick clouds over here

when I was setting off,

it looked like it was going to rain but it didn't.

The rain that didn't fall in the day, couldn't hold itself much any longer and finally rained in the evening.

I had 2 pieces of crispily toasted bread this morning

and left for the office to be present for some editing work.

I wonder how the video end product is going to be like...

Until the day you guys get to see, please look forward to it!