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The majesty of Life

Golden week has begun, and how is everyone spending the days?

When I went through Takeshita street, it was filled with a lot of people, I tried to go through the street,

but it was by no means possible. I was forced to go back, so I turned back and took a devious route.

I got really surprised by people's power.

Please enjoy your Golden Week by taking care of yourself.

Somehow I wonder how many years had it been since I went Takeshita street the last time.

By the way, the other day, I carried my friend's baby.

The moment was so holy that I refused to do it at first by saying "I cannot hold your baby!", but my friend said it's no problem, so I carried the baby... I was so moved that I cried.

I was driven to the last extremity.

I thought I had to take care of her, but on the contrary, I wasn't able to move.

I'm sorry for the uncomfortable bed I was.

I felt the weight and majesty of Life anew.

Be obedient and be honest.


As many of you may know, we're appointed to starr on the Real Gold AD from May 9th.

Please look forward to see us on TV etc.

We also felt refreshed on the filming by drinking Real Gold.

I recommend it.


Masato Ochiai

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Kindiy translated by: Ayumi. (Thanks a lot!)

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