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Shoot again

Sorry for the delay in updating my diary.

Today's Training is “Shooting again”

I pump it up and am doing my best towards the Art Exhibition, but something is missing just a little bit.

Shooting every scene by myself, I ran this way and that, but still something is missing.

I was supposed to shoot three films, but one of these was put on hold because I could not shoot the main scene. (>_<) (tears)

What should I do...?

Pondering and thinking outside alone, I came across a grasshopper.

Clinging to the glass, grasshopper doesn’t move at all.

"Immovable as a Mountain." (although it is a grasshopper)

I’m satisfied that it's useless to get so upset.

I just put my all into shooting without regret.

Pull myself together. (^^)

I’ll do my best after eating Ramen. (LOL)



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Kindly Translated by: Kazumi (Thanks a lot!)

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