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Feels like Summer...

It has been hotter and hotter these days.

It seems that Summer is around the corner.

I came to the point at once and enjoyed BBQ the other day with my friends, on my day off.

We enjoyed meat, yakisoba, tomato, chocolate-banana, roasted marshmallows...

I spent a nice time with my friends who met for the first time after a long time, each other under the blue sky. In the end we also went to eat gelato.

It was such a good holiday, as if we were taking Summer in advance.

By the way, from next Monday on, and for six days, it comes to the season of The WORLD ORDER ART Exhibition !

I hope a lot of people will enjoy this Exhibition.

Any way , everyone...


Masato Ochiai

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Kindiy translated by: Ayumi. (Thanks a lot!)

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