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Countdown to the Exhibition

Good Morning! ヾ(゜∇゜●)ノ″

Good Morning in many, many languages.

Good morning \(゜▽゜●)″

To those who spent the Golden Week break peacefully

And those who had gone on a trip

And those who had spent it lazily

And those working endlessly as they usually would

Thank you for your hard work this week.

【Countdown until the Art Exhibition (゜◇゜●;)】


123rd day of 2016

It seems like Kyoto has had its hottest for this year at 31.4℃ (~88.52 Fahrenheit)

Today here, it’s sometimes cloudy, sometimes clear.

It’s a Monday that is starting to look warm.

After going out, my head feels light....Without getting any work done, I space out in the bath

If I could just get things done… (゜-゜●)

Although I’m glad I was able to make a draft…

In the end, all of it had been eaten by the trash can…Anyone has this kind of event…

And again today, I have my usual toast: Strawberry jam and peanut butter cream

And a whole lot of lettuce


124th day of 2016

This morning’s sun is looking nice and bright

But it ended up becoming cloudy midway

It was a nice and warm day

When the afternoon came, the wind picked up

And by nightfall, as I was taking my bath, the wind would cause the window to occasionally shake and make sounds.

Today, I’m having chocolate and peanut butter cream toast

My face has been gradually becoming rather square...I feel like I’m going to become like Shokupanman

(TL note: A character from the children show, Anpanman)

And I also had tonight lettuce with tortilla chips

And I also had some chicken nuggets.

Today, again, as usual, work didn’t seem to go well...

I believe I had gotten a bit done at least though…

Only a bit more before the Art Exhibition… only a bit more…


125th day of 2016

This morning started with a cloudy sky. Then, with the passing of time, the sky had become blue.

The afternoon was a blue sky and a hot sunshine.

Today, I went for a bit to TSUTAYA on a Mamachari Bike I had at home.

And watched a lot of movies to relax for the time...I should rent some more the next time.

I’ve been eating this sweet bread ever since I was in middle school So… it’s rather nostalgic upon eating it

During high school, at the end of second period, I would go to the lunch lady’s place

And reserve the bread under fancy names such as “Brad Pitt”...If I didn’t reserve them, popular choices such as Ham-Cutlet-Yakisoba would be taken by lunch…

A sweet bread that hasn’t changed since the nostalgic past.

Considering how I have been eating toast only recently, I’m sure having this instead is fine once in a while…


126th day of 2016

The News of Kumamon’s resurrection

The smiles on all the gleeful children, and the kind smiles of the elderly ladies

It made me cry…I was so moved upon seeing how Kumamon was able to put so many smiles on everyone’s faces.

Today was another hot day here, and the house was very hot in the evening…

I was working while sweating

And also rested on the rooftop with the crows…Lately, whenever I am up there, they also come down where I can see them

I wonder, where do they come from,

And where do they go to… Caw Caw~


127th day of 2016

Today has been a suspicious cloudy day since the morning

The wind has been strong, making clattering sounds with the window

The wind has been strong as of late...And during the afternoon, rain started to fall

And into the night, it ended as a day of rain

As usual, I’m working on the project again today.

This time, I wasn’t able to finish the story in time, Although the story within my head keeps growing

So I’m writing it right before this Art Exhibition...

But, I really wonder how much time I need to take to get this project done...

Today I had Tonkotsu (pig bone base)-flavoured Butamen....Some Yakitori and lettuce (with sesame dressing)I wish to say though, that Butamen… although it has no toppings...

Why is it so delicious…?


128th day of 2016

This morning, I woke quite early

Having slept in a T-shirt, the morning felt rather cold...Maybe wearing a T-shirt was too early in the season...

And, onto getting ready for tomorrow’s loading-in...

Placing them into picture frames so that I can carry these projects around…

All part of trial and error (´ д `●;)″

Holding your handiwork towards the venue is the most nerve-wracking, isn’t it...

It feels that today will be hot

With the vivid sky colour and the fluffy clouds

There is only two days left in Golden Week

May this weekend be warm and colourful…Oh… before I go to sleep I watched the Detective Knight Scoop I had recorded...

[Which one shall I choose, oh God of Heaven...]

That song…It’s different for each region...In my case…

[Which one shall I choose, oh God of Heaven:

do as he instructed,shooting a gun Bang Bang, with persimmon seeds whatever]

it was。


129th day of 2016

In anticipation of tomorrow’s Art Exhibition

I headed to Bumpodo to work on setup and decorations there,

I was able to see for the first time all of the members’ works…

Last time, they had made amazing handiworks

But they have powered up since then

They’ve presented me with some spectacular art pieces

So I apologize for being so assuming (゜▽゜●)″Tomorrow, they will be able to be viewed by everyone

Please look forward to them…

But before that…If there was ever this kind of squadron…[Human squadron/They do exist!!] (3/4 episode)

[Human squadron/They do exist!!] (4/4 episode)

The End…(○;  ̄ Д ̄)ノHey, waitaminute!!!

This is the start of a new week.From this Monday, 12 noon,

It is finally the opening of the Art Exhibition.

May everyone take a peek at a different side of each Member…(゜▽゜●) ″

Although I am not pro at all…I do feel a bit nervous about this

But because I had spent much of my free time on this

Shutting myself in…devoting much of my time to this work.

I do not know if everyone will enjoy my work…

But I will be very happy if everyone will be filled with warmth with my works.

(Together with my little brother, Shinsuke… a Pro Manga artist, I’ve collaborated on two art pieces… Please look for it. You’ll be able to see the grand difference between my skills and a pro’s skill)

I believe I will not be able to post them on next week’s Diary all at once…So I’ll be doing it little by little.

For those who cannot reach the venue, I hope you enjoy the showcase.