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ART Exhibition Week

Good Morning! ヾ(゜∇゜●)ノ″

Good Morning in many, many languages.

Good morning.It is the start of a new week.

And good work to everyone for the last week.

And, with so many people who has come to the Art Exhibition.The week went by quickly...

I really thank everyone.

Even to those who were unable to come to the event for whatever reason...

Such as the many affected by the earthquake...

And those who are overseas…

Although it may be hard to feel through a video…

I hope that everyone was able to view each and every project in the Exhibition.

Thank you to everyone.

【Art Exhibition Week (゜▽゜●)″】


130th day of 2016

Everyone who were unable to meet their friends due to the earthquake, with school being reinstated little by little, They are able to reunite with their friends with a smile.

And that’s the wonderful news I had heard through the TV. It gives me this warm feeling inside.

Although there is still uncertainty, I’m sure being with friends empowers you with more strength than before.

Now to the Art Exhibition that begins today.

Although it was only a short time, my travel was fulfilling.

With the reunion, then the spectacular letter I had received, The hand made flowers, the grapes, the crown, and shooting star.

All of these I had received, and the short time I had spent talking to everyone,

It all felt like a heartwarming event.

Real Gold Works also came out today

So this week has started out warmly (゜∇゜●)\”


131st day of 2016

Today, in order to showcase a copy of the story I had written, I had travelled to the venue.

Although time was short,

I was able to talk to everyone.

Becoming another warm day continuing from yesterday.I really thank everyone.

Today had been free of rain, just like yesterday,

Holding the clouds away until nightfall...

Receiving jam and bread from everyone, I feel that people are granting me a fulfilling lifetime…

Yet again, to say...I give thanks to everyone.


132nd day of 2016

This morning, I was taken aback by the presence above the shelf in the toilet...

I had completely forgotten about the existence of the Jack Sparrow figure my brother had gave...

YoーHoー YoーHoー \(゜▽゜●)″

It seems like today, all of the schools affected by the earthquake were able to resume service.

I’m glad to be able to see everyone’s smiling expression.

Although today’s wind was quite strong, the clouds span the sky since the morning

As if they were spread by the wind...

And upon seeing the pink, orange and purple of the sky, I unconsciously dropped my pen and went up onto the rooftop

And as the clouds float away during the night, I am met with a phenomenal night sky Causing me to space out as I gazed at it.


133th day of 2016

Today was a completely clear day.

Although hot...

This morning, I used the bread and sausage I had gotten, put them together to make a hot dog...

And the Hazelnut Cream toast I made, from what I had been given, is very delicious, making me feel that I can get through today. And when my time was free, I watched movies “Grasshopper” (Not to confused with the American film or the novel)

Are there really people like these in the underground of society…?

Tadanobu Asano san, an actor I’ve loved for ages, Has become old yet handsome and very cool...

“Galaxy Turnpike” A movie that you can just plainly stare at without worry.

“13 Minutes” I have the same birthday as the main protagonist, Johann Georg Elser. And I’m also the same age as actor Christian Friedel, whose role is Johann Georg Elser.

It made my heart churn upon knowing.

It was a really, really cruel film to watch.

Darn… I think I’ve had enough for films today…


134th day of 2016

This morning, I went out early in the morning for once. However, with the delay of a train.

The platform had become dangerously packed

It was very tight...