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WO ART Exhibition Special Report: Mini-Interview with Akihiro Takahashi

WOiF: Your Works are amazing!

Aki: Thank you

WOiF: I think you're as good as your brother Shinsuke (Professional Manga Artist on SHONAN 7)

Aki: Oh no! He's much better than me. I need long to complete the works. He can draw much faster.

WOiF: Did you have a training as graphic artist?

Aki: No

WOiF: So it’s just talent?

Aki: (laughs) My mother also draws very good and she used to encourage us to draw since we were very young. That's how we grew up.

WOiF: You were working on a Theater play recently. (Diary April 18th) Were you there as an actor, or as a choreographer?

Aki: Choreographer. I would have liked to act, though.

WOiF: And why you didn’t?

Aki: Because my main engagement is with WORLD ORDER and I have to focus on that.

WOiF: Why do you call yourself Jiiji (Grandpa) in the Diary?

Aki: Oh… because I feel like I’m getting older and older

WOiF: In two of your Tattoos we can see the words “Destiny” and “Fateful”. Do you believe in Destiny?

Aki:. Yes, I do. You see, it was because of Destiny that, for example, I got to meet you…

WOiF: (*melts…*)

WoiF: And speaking of your Tattoos, in our last interview, I asked you about your Hand Tattoos... Can you explain us their meaning?


Admin's Note: Aki san apologized for stretching his middle finger to the camera. I said we forgive him (^.~)

Thanks a lot Aki san !

Watch Aki san's Works in Detail, HERE:

Translation by: Kazumi (Thank you!)

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