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A pleasant air Week


To fans all over the world,

I thank you very much for the wonderful Fanbook filled with warm smiles…

It has been properly delivered into my heart.

Thank you always for everything…

Good morning!

Good Morning in many, many languages.

Good morning.

It is the start of another week.

I wonder how last week went for everyone…

Warm days and pleasant hours,

I hope that summarizes what everyone has gone through...

【A week filled with a pleasant air (゜・゜●)】


137th day of 2016

This morning, a lot of clouds caused it to be a bit chilly

I wonder if the temperature will rise later in the day…Today, I had baked some round pieces of bread in the oven into soft loaves…

I also had some Thailand brand cup noodles, along with corn

The very last part was very cool…

[The Monuments Men] (Known as “Michelangelo Project” in Japan)

A movie based on a true story…So such a squad had existed…

Here in Kanagawa, at night, we had an earthquake...

We heard from all around the sound of emergency earthquake alarms…

To think that those in Kyushu felt day after day aftershocks of this caliber,

It must really be a scary experience...…

Earthquakes of 3 or 4 magnitude make my heart shake in fear…

The Monday that begins, the start of a new week.

May everyone have a pleasant week…


138th day of 2016

Chocolate toast and ham toast

I also made pork-Kimchi at night...I hadn’t used the frying pan in a while,

But when I did, I was able to cook the food well.Today.

Although rain fell since morning…I was able to see the moon through the thin clouds at nighttime...

Just a peak.


139th day of 2016

Chicken nuggets and toast

(Topped with Peanut cream and Hazelnut cream) Nice and toasty

Today was an exceptionally dry and hot day

And the evening sky was a mix of light blue and pink

It was very pretty


140th day of 2016

Today looks like it’ll be hot…Hazelnut cream toast and chocolate toast

Today’s movie is [Fathers and Daughters]

It was a heartwarming movie to watch.

And today, the sky has been warm and vivid.



141st day of 2016

This morning is a bit cold

Mostly because I wore only a shirt over my t-shirt...

It felt somewhat cool but breezy

Pictured is a beautiful moon and night sky

Thank you for the night sky and moon I can place in my hand

Although today was a breezy day,The evening sky was vivid...

And, possibly with the power of the stone, I was able to see a glimpse of the moon from the bath.

May everyone’s weekend be well…


142nd day of 2016

Today is another nice sunny day

I’m sure there are many schools who are having their Sports Festival

I was able to hear the festive sounds of the event everywhere

I’m glad that it’s a good day to have the Sports Festival

I hope everyone’s children were doing their best during the event...Fathers and mothers must be exhausted from making boxed lunches and filming their children…Thank you for your hard work, parents.

Today’s sunset is vivid once again

I’m having lettuce with creamy dressing and gifted citrus fruit

Although the rain fell during the night for a moment…The rain clouds swiftly passed on,

So I enjoyed a bath watching the shining moon that lit the sky like a fluorescent lamp...

Good work to everyone, today (゜▽゜●)″


143rd day of 2016

This morning, the sun is shining brightly

Looks like it’ll be a hot Sunday…It has a been a while I had taken a picture with Kumamon

This time, Kumamon happened to be riding

The same bus we were riding, surprisingly...We were all surprised, but we also had a laugh out of it…May Kumamon heal everyone’s heart (゜∇゜●)\″

Today, I had bean sprouts, lettuce and stir-fried pork

And again, I’m able to see the moon from the bath

And tonight, it creates a rainbow halo amongst the cloud.

Thank you for your hard work, everyone.It is the start of a new week…

May everyone spend the upcoming new week filled with warmth

May each day and hour of the week be filled with kindness and gentleness...

May a gentle wind… keep kindly blowing in your heart...

It’s alright. It’s alright.

The wind has blown…

Look up into the sky and shout at the top of your lung

Now live your life!!! (゜∇゜●)ノ″

Continuing from last week,Here is the first part of the second half of the works from the Exhibition(Since there are so many art pieces, I’ll be splitting this into two sections... I apologize)


(Blue Moon Island Hearing)[The Man of Shadows and White Whales]

Bottom Left

(Ex-Machine Island, Small People Island Hearing)[Popo and PICO, Off on a Hunt…]

Bottom Right

(Ex-Machine Island, Small People Island Hearing)[Defeat to a Gigantic Sawtooth Shark…]

Top Left

(Autumn Leaf Hearing)[HOPE4 Depart!!]

Left Bottom

(Autumn Leaf Hearing)

[Live On!!]


(Autumn Leaf Hearing)[Laugh Together!!]


(Autumn Leaf Hearing)

[Feel the Wind!!]


[The Little Samurai of Hope…]


(Crimson Island Boys and Hope)

[Reach the Future…]


(Crimson Island Boys…)[Ready!!!]


[Group Leaders of the Naval Scientists, Sectors A through G]

Thank you very much for everything,throughout until the end of the week.(。_。●)″

【May the world be embraced in kind and warm smiles...】

【One step at a time… may today continue onto tomorrow this week…】

To a new week… A week filled with a warm air

Have a safe journey.

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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Kindly Translated by: Green Moriyama (Thanks a lot!)

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