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Football weekend

Good Morning! ヾ(゜∇゜●)ノ″

Good Morning in many, many languages.

A new week has started.

【A Week of Kumamon and Tamagotori \(●゜▽゜●)】


(144th day of 2016)

The sky today, which is a new Monday,

is refreshing, and of good sunny weather.

I guess its going to be a hot day today...

With big piece of fried chicken and hazelnut toast.

Spread this cream and the bread will be really soft and spongy, which is really delicious.

Hope you will spend a week of calmness everyday...


(145th day of 2016)

Today`s weather was warm too.

Light blue morning sky, it was also good weather for today.…I wonder if its going to turn hot...

Today I had butter toast and peanut cream toast.

At night, was retort pouched curry with croquette.

My croquette sank to the bottom of the curry though...


(146th day of 2016)

Today's, morning sky was cloudy

It looked as if it was going to rain.

On a morning like this, I had toast too.

Strawberry jam toast and peanut cream toast.

Today, the cloudy sky was leaden and thick for the whole day,

and as i was awake at night and went to the bath room... the moon...

the clouds have cleared.



(147th day of 2016)

I couldn't fall back to sleep after waking up in the middle of last night,

The morning sky was really beautiful, and comfortable.

Seems like its going to turn hot today...

This morning, I had Seaweed from Korea on butter toast and... melon bread.

Melon bread was crispy and chewy.

Melon bread that it hotly baked taste really good.

Today is of good weather.

and at dawn, the sky was brightly lit in vivid color.


(148th day of 2016)

A big contrast from yesterday today,

It has been a while since I felt chilly.

It rained in the morning.

and the rain cooled down the warm air for me.

Today, I had hazelnut toast and raspberry jam toast

Sweet and fluffy, hazelnut that tasted so yummy

and delicious sweet sourish raspberry.

and I shouted "delicious!!" subconsciously.

The morning rain ended abruptly by the afternoon,

and the color of the sky turned gentle as the sun sets.

Tonight, I shall view Planet Mars from my bathroom...

the star that can be seen shining in orange from the sky.

Planet Mars shone so strikingly beautiful today too

Have a pleasant weekend...


(149th day of Year 2016)

Yesterday, President Obama visited Hiroshima...

People of Hiroshima, people who have gone through war,

everyone has a very kind smile on their face

The delightful scene, was really heartwarming.

We cant change the past...

War doesn't do good for anyone.

It causes only tears of sadness.

I was really touched when I saw on the television, warm smiles that will lead us to tomorrow.

Today again, was a morning of cloudy sky...

The air, leftover since yesterday.

It was a little chilly morning.

Today, I had peanut cream toast and hazelnut toast.

And also coffee which kept me warm.

In the end, it was cloudy for the whole day.

I had half the frozen pizza heated by oven,

It was really delicious...


(150th day of 2016)

This morning, I was awake very early.

UEFA Champions League.

Atletico Madrid led by coach Simeone

Real Madrid led by Zidane

Madrid Derby`s couldn't score a goal even when they went into extra time.

In the end, during the penalty-kick shoot-out

Both teams couldn't move due to cramp and fatigue,

all the players gave their all,

Win-lose is determined by luck during penalty kick.

Team supporters of the losing side cried too.

It was a match that gave much applause. A match that is worth a final play.

Real Madrid capture the victory but Atletico Madrid won too!!!

Supporting players of Atletico Madrid shed tears of shame. They thanked the applause as they shed tears.

The supporters who were stunned and players stood still.

A match as amazing as this.

The way they stood with pride even if they were disappointed with their play, leads them to how they will stand for for tomorrow.

Since morning, I was drowned by tears of emotion, making me feel a little not myself.

Congratulation Real Madrid.

Congratulation Atletico Madrid.

Let's move forward to tomorrow.

So this was how my Sunday began, so wonderfully.

Clear blue sky, even the birds were chirping so energetically.

Have a great Sunday...

It has been a week of hard work.

A new week has begin.

Hope your week will be filled with gentle and calm days, keeping you warm in the heart.

I hope the tranquil wind.

will blow softly into your heart...

Things will be fine. Everything will go well.

The wind blew...

Look up into the sky this week too,

and as you look up into the night sky, take a big (deep) breathe

and smile...

Lets live!!!\(゜∇゜●)″

Finally, part 2 of the art pieces during the exhibition

Last but not least, once again, thank you for coming to our Art exhibition and view each and every piece of work 。(。_。●)″

【I hope the world will be surrounded by gentle warm smiles】

【Little by little, this week too, will be a week, in which each step you take, leads you to a better tomorrow】To a new week...

Lets go!!

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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Kindly translated by: Ray Y. (Thanks a lot!)

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