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Ready, Set... Smile !

Our new Video in Collaboration with Tokyu Dentetsu has been released.

Have you guys seen it yet? This time the style has become different, by robot-walking with a large number of people, and smiling. There is also a “making of…” Video, so please, do take a look.

In this Video, you see how we all have to run to the intersection as soon as the signal turns green, and arrive at the start standing position and start walking with a smile.

But in fact, at that time, the proposal was to start smiling already before reaching the standing position, to lower the risk of reaching the start position too late, or forgetting to smile, which would have ruined the Video at that point.

What a pre-production! When we looked around, while in stand-by at the intersection, everybody was already grinning and we were all running out with a smiling face. This was not captured by the camera, and at the end the Video was shot successfully. But it was so funny that we didn’t even have to force the laughing. (LOL)

I still have to grin even by thinking about it.


Yusuke Morisawa

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