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WO ART Exhibition Special Report: Mini-Interview with Masato Ochiai

WOiF: What are your preferred Photographic Subjects (Objects, Landscapes, or People) and why?

Masato: I guess Portraits. But mostly I like to make Snapshots. When something catches my attention, I like to photograph it, It can be a person or an Object.

WOiF: We Fans, suspect you have a “secret Identity” as Photographer: Candy Law

Can you tell us something about it?

Masato: (laughs) Really? The fans know? Mmmh, yeah OK, well yes… it’s me.

WOiF: Personally, I think you didn’t want WO Fans to like your photos, just because they’re yours...?

Masato: Yes, something like that. But… who told you about Candy Law?

WOiF: Let's say you were leaving some clues…

WOiF: You were working on Genki san’s Video “Missing Beauty”, would it appeal to you, some Film making?

Masato: Actually I prefer Photography.

WOiF: What about being Director of Photography on WO Videos?

Masato: Well, WO Videos are specially hard, because I think the Spirit of WORLD ORDER, is difficult to catch/ transmit through the camera.

Thanks a lot Masato san !

Find out which one of the Displayed Works is Masato san's favorite HERE: :

Translation by: Kazumi (Thank you!)

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