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Hong Kong

The good pictures from Hong Kong havedisappeared… this is what I have left, for the moment.

We didn’t have much time to do any sightseeing, because the shooting took longer as planned, so I’m thinking of coming back again, on my own. With a mix of diverse cultures it has an Oriental charm.

Yeah, and we have released our Video for Tokyu Corporation ‘HAVE A NICE DAY’, shot in Shibuya.

Have you all seen it?

We shot it at this time, because it was the only date that was still free!

Ucchy stares at the characters attached inside the crane game. There’s a story lying inside there... Everyone can make it up according to your imagination.

I’ll leave it there, because my imagination is poor. I still have a week and it’s weekend.

Happy weekend everyone!



Ryuta Tomita

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