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On the field

From the beginning of May, I leased a small vegetable field

I wanted to grow vegetables using natural farming methods, but, judging from the conditions of the field,

I decided to plow the ground only at the beginning.

I disturbed soil environment, but I expect the grass to start growing soon.

“Buddy, (to the grass) grow faster!”

I sowed seeds of oats as green manure.

I couldn’t go the field because of shooting in Hong Kong,

So, it became a wild field rather than a natural field.

It can be called wildness.

The grass growing strongly, I mowed it and used grass clippings as Mulch.

Turnip being ready for harvest, I ate a freshly picked. one.

I ate leaves of carrots which I thinned out.

Kabocha Squash has grown most vigorously.