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Joy and Sorrow of Baseball...

The other day I watched a baseball game. I’m a Fan of the Yakut Swallows since my childhood.

I used to watch the Baseball games on TV with the family, pondering to cheer the team and see them win. I used to support them for good reasons: I like the strength they gained in the past, when Mr. Nomura became Director. I also liked the atmosphere in the time under the supervision of Mr. Wakamatsu.

My favorite player in that time was Mr. Iida

Then last year, the Coach led the Swallows to win the Central League Championship. My heart was dancing in Joy and I was watching baseball again after a long time, celebrating and cheering on highball parties.

So back to the story, I’ve been following the tournament again lately.

But the last results didn’t go well.

Defeat was hard and I was frustrated, so I won’t post any Pictures. I’ll post a clean sunset instead.

I’m having the same feeling, as when the fever for baseball was lost for a while (Baseball experience is Zero).

But it seems as we will have a sunny weekend, even though being rain season! Good weather for our annual Fan Tour Weekend! This year with an even greater program as the last ones!

Sounds good, to pay it a visit. So to all participating, see you tomorrow!

All who are not participating, an excellent weekend.

And with that said...



Ryuta Tomita

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