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Patchwork, Hazelnut Cream & Fan Tour!

Good Morning! ヾ(゜∇゜●)ノ″

Good Morning in many, many languages.

From the hot and scorching weekend, till fan tour on Saturday and Sunday,

it has been a week of hard work for everyone.

This year, I would like to thank everyone for the warm moments of laughter and tears shared together.

I really hope warm voices and gentle wind could reach those who unfortunately couldnt join us for the tour.

Really, thank you very much (゜▽゜●)″

【A week of close friendship with Kumamon.】


(165th day of 2016)

Rainy monday...

Today, it rained in a way that you will still get wet even if you have an umbrella with you...

I had waterproof spray sprayed on my shoes before I went out, and it did well by blocking the rain...

but somehow, after that, it feel a little wet...

Today was super large pork cutlet toast with lettuce!

Monday started cool thanks to the rain.

Lets live to the fullest this week too!!


(166th day of 2016)



Sky was so blue and the clouds looked like cotton candy.

Today`s sky was clear blue summer sky.

Even though it's hot, but it was a complete change from yesterday.

The sky was so beautiful today.


(167th day of 2016)

Temperamental weather...

it has changed completely from yesterday.

Wednesday sky which is covered by a piece of wall as white as the driven snow.

Anyway, I shall first have 2 pieces of toast...

Today is peanut cream toast and hazelnut toast

the moment I had a bite

(゜Д゜●;) eh...

somehow, it's tastier than usual and i cant help shouting "YUMMY!!" to myself...

The Uma of Umadzura!! !eoooooooo!!

[Translator`s note: ”馬面

is read as Umadzura which means horseface (someone with a long, equine face) and Aki san took the first 2 words as a pun"]

who the hell has a horseface...

no it's the face of a god of the boar!!ah... it doesnt make much difference whichever it is.. aha.

and I made Denim Patchwork Shirt no. 2.


(168th day of 2016)

It is the rainy season...

Today was cloudy and sometimes sprinkling with rain

the rain stayed till I was on my way home.

It was a night which I could hear the rain throughout...¯

After I reach home, I have to start preparing for fan tour this Sat and Sun.

Iron steamed my suits and white collar shirt.and I started making my Denim Patchwork shirt no.3

It's not going to be something of surface section, but its going to be something dimensional.

I wonder if one day I could have a chance to show clothes that I remake other than the works that I drew.


(1169th day of 2016)


And then...hottthottt...

Today is a hot and humid Friday, because of the rain last night.

Anyway, I will have 2 pieces of toast first...

Today is hazelnut toast and hazelnut toast

hazel hazel... hazel to Gretel .. Shi-n (Silent..)(Translator`s note: he was referring to Hansel and Gretel)

Guess it's because of the heat.. my head goes... somewhat...

Today I could feel the warmth of weekend sunset

Here rainy season where temperamental weather continues

but I hope it will be a warm weekend, no more humidity...

As my sewing machine goes katakata... Denim Patchwork shirt No. 4.

But then, if it stays this way, I will be a patchy looking old man covered with patches...but still...

even though it's not that easy, but I'm enjoying myself...

Tell you, I'm aiming for the Paris Fashion Week!!


(170th day of 2016)

First day of fan tour,

good weather today.

The day started hot


Granny and cats I encounter along the way, strolled together... the cat doesn't have a collar around it's neck but the cat kept itself close to the granny.

She looked so adorable... Cant believe such a cute cat actually exist...

And then, from Tokyo Station we took a bus with everyone who is participating in the event

to the BBQ venue...

The bus was full of everyone`s beautiful smiles. I guess you all must be tired since you had to be up really early. The fun time we had till we reach Niigata and so showtime, wish time, present exchange time,

time where we go around the tables and this time it doesn't end there...

there was a little more... fireworks.

Below the starry night, we had the Moon and Mars

It has been god knows how many years since we played fireworks with everyone.

The fireworks were really beautiful, huh.

Day one ended in a blink of an eye.I wonder how is day 2 going to be like tomorrow...

Thank you so much for today.

To those who couldn't join us, here some few photos I have for you...

(The black sheep, Alpaca and cat with beautiful eyes we met at the BBQ)

Tomorrow will also be meow tour... ah.. I mean fan tour...

Hope we will enjoy great times together too...


(171st day of 2016)

(I lost my touch pen... so sorry that I couldn't draw Kumamon...)

Today was perfectly sunny, and the sun rays were very hot in NIIGATA.

Day 2 of Fan Tour, today, we are having sport day event.

This year, I'm in the Yellow team. This is the first time I was so excited about the color of the t-shirt

As always, my hands trembled during the spoon relay, and ball-toss, centipede competition, long rope jumping, Tug-of-war, we did better than previous times for all the sections and then this year`s afternoon dance lesson was changed to dance battle between teams.

Yellow team came in last before noon, however thanks to the power and smiles from the team members, from the last, we became the champions!

We scored the same score as Red team, but whichever team it is, everyone did a splendid job, and we were all strong competitors.

Most importantly, the sports day event was full of joy and laughters,

it's not about the ranking, but the great atmosphere that we share together, is the best treasure of all.

Once it starts, everything ended in a blink of an eye. And because of that, every single moment is important. Fan tour 2016 full of laughters and tears ended before you realize.

To everyone, and to all the staff, to everyone who is involved, Everyone was really warm and nice...

It's another year which I could keep this treasure in my heart.

Let's live with the gentle wind in our heart.

Really, I really wanna say thank you very much.

Well I guess you guys might be a little curious about this hazelnut cream.

I don't know if you can get this in Japan, but if you do, do try it.

It's really delicious, so delicious that your cheeks might fall.

(゜▽゜○)〜●kororin (rolls)

Once again,Fan tour turn out to be a great tour.

Whether it's a Monday which you didn't manage to get rid of the tiredness from Sunday

OR had it been a slow calm Monday I hope your Monday starts out with your heart filled with warm memories, treasure moments where you get to relax.

(I'm so sorry for the long long long diary, which grew even longer than ever...

and sorry for repeatedly use of


A brand new week has started.

We are getting closer to hot summer.

I wonder when can we get out of this humid rainy season...

I hope you guys could spend a new week, just as usual, feeling calm and peaceful everyday, every moment.

I hope the gentle wind will blow softly into your heart.

Things will be fine. Everything will turn out well.

The wind blew!

Lets live!ヾ(゜∇゜●)ヽ

【I hope the world will be surrounded with gentle warm smiles...】

【This week too, I hope that one step you make will bring you to tomorrow, to a week of calmness】

Off to a new week...

Bye ya (゜∇゜●)ノ!!

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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Kindly translated by: Ray Y. (Thanks a lot!)

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