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Patchwork, Hazelnut Cream & Fan Tour!

Good Morning! ヾ(゜∇゜●)ノ″

Good Morning in many, many languages.

From the hot and scorching weekend, till fan tour on Saturday and Sunday,

it has been a week of hard work for everyone.

This year, I would like to thank everyone for the warm moments of laughter and tears shared together.

I really hope warm voices and gentle wind could reach those who unfortunately couldnt join us for the tour.

Really, thank you very much (゜▽゜●)″

【A week of close friendship with Kumamon.】


(165th day of 2016)

Rainy monday...

Today, it rained in a way that you will still get wet even if you have an umbrella with you...

I had waterproof spray sprayed on my shoes before I went out, and it did well by blocking the rain...

but somehow, after that, it feel a little wet...

Today was super large pork cutlet toast with lettuce!

Monday started cool thanks to the rain.

Lets live to the fullest this week too!!


(166th day of 2016)



Sky was so blue and the clouds looked like cotton candy.

Today`s sky was clear blue summer sky.

Even though it's hot, but it was a complete change from yesterday.

The sky was so beautiful today.


(167th day of 2016)

Temperamental weather...

it has changed completely from yesterday.

Wednesday sky which is covered by a piece of wall as white as the driven snow.

Anyway, I shall first have 2 pieces of toast...

Today is peanut cream toast and hazelnut toast

the moment I had a bite

(゜Д゜●;) eh...

somehow, it's tastier than usual and i cant help shouting "YUMMY!!" to myself...

The Uma of Umadzura!! !eoooooooo!!

[Translator`s note: ”馬面

is read as Umadzura which means horseface (someone with a long, equine face) and Aki san took the first 2 words as a pun"]

who the hell has a horseface...

no it's the face of a god of the boar!!ah... it doesnt make much difference whichever it is.. aha.

and I made Denim Patchwork Shirt no. 2.


(168th day of 2016)