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A grand day out

I went to Osaka for work. I hesitated to go back soon after finishing the job, so decided to drop out on the way back.

.On this travel, I chose Kyoto as a stop-over station! And I went to a place where I had hoped to take pics. Unfortunately the weather was rainy day but I visited it, with a folded umbrella with my hand, thinking Kyoto on rainy day is also nice! The place I had really hoped to go was Fushimiinani-shrine !!

I wanted to see the Thousand Torii with my own eyes.

The crimson gateways to the Shinto shrine standing in a row were endlessly continuing and the scenery was by far beyond my description.

And It was first time of visiting Kiyomizu-dera since days of my junior high school.

There were groups having graduation trips so I felt compulsive and regret to haven't seen it more closely.

Because the visit this time was a so called bullet trip, with very little time, I want to visit again, next time taking more time.

Although it was short time, the trip gave me the best relaxation time.


Masato Ochiai

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Kindly translated by: Ayumi. (Thanks a lot!)

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