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A great Brand

We had the Opportunity to perform at the Opening of the TISSOT (Watch Brand ) Store, in Osaka Shinsaibashi. And this time, WORLD ORDER will also be the character in a PV, for the Public to enjoy.

And one by one, all members received the latest Watch. How generous!

It’s a Watch featuring, among others, an Altimeter, Barometer, and a Compass; Six features can be easily operated with a touch screen panel and contrary to the apparent weight, it is very light, waterproof and has a solar type battery. Enough said.

When we Members were getting instructions from the Staff, we were all like ‘This is amazing!’

Of course this could be the Watch of Salary Men, but it’s also for those enjoying activities in the sea, on the mountains, or practicing Sports such as Curling.

Tomizo is originally also a TISSOT user, and was happy to tell it.

We felt, the staff was transmitting a love for the Brand when they were explaining the watch functions. And I think, that leads to the good atmosphere in the stores, which is of course, important for the sales.

That been said, it’s of course easy to like it, but the quality of the product is also confirmed with a Trust Certificate.

TISSOT, am I pushing too much? No, I won’t do such a thing.

But, it was a wonderful Brand and Staff. Those interested in the product, please try it.


Yusuke Morisawa

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