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Reading & Pokemon

Today's training is "Reading".

Recently, it’s hot, isn’t it? (*_*)

I, who grew up in Hokkaido, haven’t got accustomed to the heat at all.

I’m suffering a little, from the summer heat.(LOL)

So, at such times, taking things easy, I just read a book.

I bought these books because I like their color. It’s kind of like buying a CD just because of the cover.

I hope I read while chilling out.

And well, Next...

I started to play Pokemon Go.

One of my favorite is Kusaihana (Gloom). I call her “Hanako”.

She seems cute.♡

I presume it’s a girl. She looks good in a cool hairstyle.

Let’s workout healthy- and happily. (^^)

While playing Pokemon Go, take a look around and stay safe. (^^)



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Kindly Translated by: Kazumi (Thanks a lot!)

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