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Shoot, Eat, Rehearse, Sweat!

Same as Yusuke, we all became Doctors.

This is a scene from a shooting we did. How do we look in the white coat? (^-^)

Then, we are day after day in rehearsals for the Summer Shows on the 20th and 21st of this month, and we are now going into the last stage of the work.

In the intervals, we did shootings and a performance for an Event, and on top of it all, the heat of these days? I've spent so full days that I have to put more power on myself, isn't it?

Then, I ate an eel on the midsummer day of the ox, and went to eat beef cutlet and Dango (Japanese dumpling and sweets) so I'm working hard, right?

I hope everyone enjoy Summer by sweating well, eating a lot, sleeping well and conditioning your

health. ♪ ( ´▽`)

We had a little time before moving on to the place we were heading, so Aki-San came over my house.

We enjoyed a heat up talking. (^ - ^)

This is a photo of the hair doing before the shooting. I'm present for shooting with doing mental concentration like this. (¯ ▽ ¯)

This is Wasabi-Soy sauce Dango.

It was so tasty.


Masato Ochiai

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Kindly Translated by: Ayumi (Thanks a lot!)

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