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Summer Rain, heat and Rio!

Bom dia Rio!! (Good Morning Rio, in Portuguese)

Good Morning in many, many languages.

GOOD MORNING!! \(゜▽゜●)”

Many things happened during this past week.

The Olympics has just started.

And while I haven’t had much of a chance to take a breather

Since returning from San Francisco…

I was still able to see the entirety of the Olympic’s Opening Ceremony.

The Opening Ceremony, where you can feel the entire world coming together,

No matter which country or event is on, I’m completely moved by the sight.

May the Olympics continue to be spectacular

and full of heartfelt moments...

【It’s the Olympic \(゜ω゜●)”】


(214th day of 2016)

This morning is another blue sky, but filled with clouds. At times it’s all white, sometimes all blue. Hot as ever, it continues to become more humid…

After all that, I was indoors until evening… I don’t know how the sky was like then,

But it seems like there was some guerilla rain

Evening, only a little bit of time until the next event…

So I stopped by Maa-kun’s home.

Although I don’t stop by other people’s home often... When I do so, my mind feels refreshed and it really calms me down.

After resting myself at Maa-kun’s place, need to get ready for the next event…

It was dark on my way over…I need to wake up early tomorrow…So instead of taking the bus, I went home by taxi…

Tomorrow will be a long day, so let’s refresh my mind,

And live out tomorrow to the best of my ability

(゜^゜●)” Yeah!


(215th day of 2016)

3:30am (゜-゜●)゛

Lightning and heavy rain.

Thanks to those, I was able to wake up completely...

I’m supposed to be out early this morning… will the rain stop?

Let’s live this long day with warmth and energy, I told myself that on my way to the bus stop, but as I did, There’s no road! (゜д゜○;) The road was flooded with water...Everyone else was also standing around, unable to reach the bus stop… I took my shoes off, stepped into the water and headed to the bus stop…However, the bus was also caught in the water, unable to move, Stuck at a bus stop couple stops down…

Will I be able to make it on time…(´д`●|||)”

As I was thinking that though, the bus finally drove through the water towards my stop…Yes…

While the outside of my shoes are waterproof, thus alright… I didn’t expect the inside of them to become drenched…

I should have sprayed them with a waterproof spray…

If I had gone in sandals…

But after finishing today’s work, I still have another place to go to with Maa-kun,So I can’t go out in sandals…

The sky also cleared during the midday…I’ve been played with the weather of this morning…

But… going out barefoot…That was one terrific experience (゜∇゜●)”

Ha ha I’ll have a Highball on my return home.


(216th day of 2016)

This morning, we are on way to hot Shibuya…

As always, there are so many clouds in the summer sky. All the water from yesterday had receded, so I did not need to go barefoot this morning.

The rain was really bad in Kawasaki yesterday…Tokyo was alright, even though it’s not that far from Kawasaki...

Today, all of us head to the next location, and on the way we saw a car being stopped by the police.

But the car sped away from the white motorbike riding policeman…

I’ve only seen a policeman on a bike chasing a car at high speed on TV.

In the end, the culprit was caught… so dangerous!!

Of course you can’t escape the cops…

Having seen that, we head to Maihama

After finishing our rehearsal, on our way home, we saw in the train Many people smiling on their way back from Disneyland.

When I reached home, it was already night.

Tonight I’m having Soba (lit. buckwheat noodles) with a lot of lettuce.

But goodness, today was another very hot summer day.


(217th day of 2016)

Today is another hot, hot, very hot day. Heading towards Disneyland…

However, the ticket gates are in reverse…

If they are in reverse, no one is going to come out…There’s no one… while exiting the Maihama North exit, I headed to my destination as the cicadas cried under the hot sunshine.

Today is the day of the performance.

To dance together with POLA-san and 6 of their officials, We, WORLD ORDER, have been practicing for this collaboration dance.

Dancing together with important members of the company.

After finishing our work for the day, we practiced within the meeting rooms…Having only practiced for no more than ten hours for this performance, we finally approach the performance. But I’m still surprised to see all the officials dancing with us WORLD ORDER…

Even in the short time, seeing everything being perfected amazed me…

Once I found myself performing on a stage where the likes of Cirque du Soleil have performed…

I was deeply moved.

Thank you everyone for your hard work. Thank you very much.

The time we spent with POLA-san’s officials and their smiles was warm & pleasant.

Today, for once I return home when the sun is still out. Even then, it’s already past 5pm…

Today was hot yet warm. I’ll do my best tomorrow too.


(218th day of 2016)

Today is 37℃… and on such a morning, The sunshine

and the humidity makes it hot.

From the hot Kanagawa, we head to the hot Tokyo.

We keep on sweat just by living…The handkerchief in my pocket has no time to rest in wiping my sweat off…

I was able to arrive home before sundown, Hanging up to dry my laundry,

I w