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Working World

We finished successfully the Three LIVE WORLD ORDER Summer performances, "WORKING WORLD".

I really appreciate the support of all of our fans, members of AKB, staff, and all the people involved.


I guess this time we made a performance not quite the same as usual, but all of you who came to see us, what do you think? I felt a Live concert like this is also one interesting possibility. (^-^)

People who unfortunately couldn't visit this performance, It seems that the shooting of this performance will be available on Blue-Ray, so I hope you would check the information !☆

And we got a lot of beautiful flowers this time, too.\(^o^)/ As always, Thank you so much.

I felt bad that we could not display them and show them to everyone...

The live performance was held thanks to the support of many staffs.(^-^)

The view from my desk.


And together with the members of AKB48 who appeared on the stage as guests.

The best stage was composed thanks to a lot of people! Thank you ever so much!

Then, we will go forward to the next step !!!


Masato Ochiai

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Kindly Translated by: Ayumi (Thanks a lot!)

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