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It's our LIVE Show week!

Bom dia Rio!! (Good Morning Rio, in Portuguese)

Good Morning in many, many languages.


IIt is the start of a new week.

Having finished our live event this Saturday and Sunday,

The warm atmosphere we created with everyone…

And the heartwarming fans of AKB48.

And including those who sadly could not make it.

And to those who cheer us on from far away.

And to the people overseas who send us their warm support

And to the people related to the live event,

I really, really thank you very much.

At this Show where I experienced an atmosphere I’ve never felt before,

Although I was very nervous for it, I’ve taken another step in learning something new.

While the event felt like it ended right when it started,

It would make me happy if we were able to

Fill everyone’s heart with a bit of gentle warmth.

Thank you very much.

【It’s the live event!! (゜ω゜●)”】


(228th day of 2016)

There is so much happening on the track-field of the Olympics. I believe Bolt is a great athlete, so I know he’s amazing,

But I also believe the smiles of the other athletes match up to his. Among them, I believe that Gatlin’s smile was special, And I think he is a cool guy. The smiles of the three winners of the Women’s 100m were also spectacular.

Oh… the last time athlete Nishikori ever won a medal for Japan For the Men’s Tennis was back in ‘96…Ichiro has reached his 3000 hits…

Japanese people, All over the world, are doing their best...

During the start of a new week, these Olympic athletes, And everyone else working hard around the word,

May you all feel the power

And live your life with warmth!! \(゜▽゜●)”


(229th day of 2016)

During this morning… I am blessed with the summer sky

Which makes it feel that a typhoon will never come.

But as the afternoon comes, the white clouds bring rain, Yet it becomes sunny right after… but in the sky

Are heavy looking grey clouds, looming low, Swimming in the sky...

And when night fell, the rain came again…

I hope I do not need to go barefoot tomorrow…

I’m a bit worried…


(230th day of 2016)

This morning, I woke up early. And as I was brushing my teeth,

One of the bottom teeth in the front fell out…

(´ д `●;)...

oh no.. at a critical time…And with that…

I’m out with one tooth less....

I’m not barefoot, but one tooth less… aha

Due to the typhoon, the city is blazing hot... My sweat doesn’t stop…

but since I’m missing a tooth, I’m feeling rather uncomfortable… one tooth really is important.

And on my way back from the rehearsal,I walk quickly while sweating a lot in this blazing town,

Just like a race-walking athlete… I cross over the Shibuya Scramble Crossing, And my sweating just doesn’t stop…

I also head to the dentist I made an appointment for…But even if they put a false tooth in, it might come out tomorrow.

Because of the chances, I was told to go to the dentist I’ve gone to before…

The x-ray fees were close to ¥3,000 (~30 US dollars),

And although I hurried to my former dentist, they were closed… aw man. ( ̄へ ̄●;) Why in the world…?

I finally met my third choice dentist, And got a proper diagnosis and examination.

They went with the treatment and aide, And put in a temporary tooth for me.

I’m glad to be able to meet with this kind dentist. Even though it’s temporary, I have my tooth back,

So I won’t have to perform as a one-tooth-less Jiiji…

And while returning during the evening,I chose today to walk home from the station…

and on my way, An elderly lady was cooking some Yakitori (grilled chicken),

And seeing this was such a sight… and with smoke in the air, There was a delicious smell…

After buying some chicken breast, green onion and liver, While looking up at the round moon,

I return home with a warm feeling in my heart (and a sweaty body (´ д `●;))


(231st day of 2016)

Hooooot… ever since the typhoon, It’s been so hot… today again is a hot Thursday

Today was the last rehearsal for the live performance.

After entering the studio, while we rehearsed…

It rained… and rained… and thunder began to roar.

Today was the last rehearsal, so I face my worries

And practiced until I was sweating all over, Finishing this last rehearsal…

I look forward to being on top of the beautiful stage,

And be filled with as much warmth as I do my best.

There were dark clouds overhead on my way home…But the rain had stopped and I didn’t need an umbrella. Oh how lucky I am (゜▽゜●)”

Now then, off to let my body rest…


(232nd day of 2016)

This morning is filled with tears…

Athlete Yoshida was carrying the feelings of many…

And she apologizes to those who were cheering her on… Why? Take pride in the silver medal!!

It’s alright not to be the best at times. There are times you will wish to cry and cry, And clench your teeth in defeat, and also to laugh.

Thank you for your hard work, Olympics. You were amazing.

Moreover… today’s hot

(゜〇゜●;) ”I’ll make sure to rest my feet and my body today. So that I can do my best to live on up on stage tomorrow…

In the afternoon, rain fell for a bit, But by the evening, the clouds settled and was beautiful.

What a vivid sky…

it allows my heart to feel at rest…


(233rd day of 2016)

The first day of the live performance, I wonder how it will go…

With no time to spare since our return from San Francisco, For the sake of today, and the beautiful stage we’ll stand on,

All of us have been keeping our body and mind busy,

As the days marched on. May a warm breeze blow past everyone’s heart…And………

While doing our best during the live performance…

While sweating a waterfall of sweat,

We were able to perform on top of the stage,

Filling ourselves with a warm feeling until the end.

To everyone who helped us create this special atmosphere,

I thank you very much.

Since I feel like I might become very tired after tomorrow’s performance,

I’ll do my best here and now.

(Congratulations on the silver medal, Japanese team of the Men’s 4x100m relay)

May we also attain our own medal...


(234th day of 2016)

Our second live performance, one during the day, another at night,

Making sure each one is performed with as much care possible…

I wish to live them out with war feelings.

Although my body is feeling stiff… I’ll do my best today.

Today, I was the first to arrive at the theater…

Within the store, I saw a cute & plump cat sleeping comfortably.

Seeing this cute cat made my heart feel more at ease.

And with that...

With our second performance done without any incident, I hope a kind wind blew past everyone’s heart…

This performance where I stood on that terrific stage,

Will keep on living in my heart as a fantastic memory.

Once again, To the members of AKB48 who performed: Tano Yuuka-san, Okada Ayaka-san, Kitazawa Saki-san, Ichikawa Manami-san, Yumoto Ami-san, Yokoyama Yui-san

Thank you very much for decorating the stage with your flowery presence.

May the members of AKB48… each and every one of them, Continue from here on and unchanged, Shining their beautiful brightness to everyone. Everyone is cheering you all on.Thank you very much.

It is the start of a new week.

It may be the end of both the Olympics and our performance,

Yet I still thank the athletes who participated in the Olympics

For the profound moments they offered to me.

May everyone enjoy the new week with warmth

And an unchanging feeling of relief...

May each day and hour of the week

Be filled with kindness and gentleness...

May a gentle wind… kindly blow in everyone’s heart...

It’s alright. It’s alright.

The wind has blown...

Now... live your life!! \(゜∇゜●)”

The moment when the entire world comes together...

【May the world be swept with a wind of smiles and profoundness… filled with kindness and warmth…】

【Once again this week… one step at a time… may today continue… onto tomorrow…】

To a new week…

Have a safe journey!!

Ate logo!! (“Bye bye” in Portuguese)

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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Kindly Translated by: Green Moriyama (Thanks a lot!)

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