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Winds of Change

For this LIVE Show we had made some slight changes in the production, so there was an feeling of tension and nervousness inside me during the rehearsals. But this initial feeling, turned into curiosity when I saw the audience reactions.

As the Show finished, listening to your Feedback, I was surprised that the overwhelming majority found the Show was ‘Fun’. It was the first Live Show where so many people used this word to describe it.

Until now, there had been little production on the Part just Before ‘Aquarius’ and now it was a very enjoyable and fun element. The embarrassment I felt at first, changed now to a feeling of great expectations.

So at this point, to all who came to cheer us, or who cheered us even if not able to come, to AKB48 and their staff, to everyone who helped to put up this Live Show, Thank you very much.

As the other members had said, it was physically hard, and we were likely to fall many times, but thanks to your support we will able to dance until the end!

We will continue to strive to bring you Shows that everyone can enjoy. And even if there are wind changes ahead, I am looking forward to. ^_ ^


Yusuke Morisawa

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