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WO ART Exhibition Special Report: Mini-Interview with Yusuke Morisawa

WoiF: You have a very nice, deep, masculine voice.

Y: (in English) Thank youuuuu…

WOiF: (*melts*) Ever thought about working as a Voice actor?

Y: Why not? If I had the chance, I would try.

WOiF: So, your speciality is Cooking. What’s your favorite dish to eat in the whole world?

Y: mmmmh… (thinks for a while) I love many different foods but right now I’m very much into Soba Noodles.

WoiF: What’s your favorite dish to cook?

Y: Italian

WoiF: and what exactly?

Y: Pasta

WoiF: Which dish can you cook best?

Y: Pasta with Tomato sauce

WOiF: I read in some European Newspaper, many Japanese Cooks go to Italy to get a training. Would that be an Option for you?

Y: Not really, I think you can get the best training in Japan.

WoiF: On our first Interview, (Min 9:44) you told us, you were thinking more and more about writing a cookery book. Any progress on that?

Y: Mmmhhh... No.

WoiF: In your Opinion, What’s the one thing anyone who visits Tokyo for the first time HAS to try/ eat and why?

Y: Soba Noodles (laughs)

WoiF: And what makes a good Soba?

Y: mmmhh... (thinks) A good Soba has to be eaten with… air! (Slurp) (Laughs)

Thanks a lot Yusuke san !

(Translation by: Kazumi. Thanks a lot! )

Yusuke san explains his favorite displayed Recipe, HERE:

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