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Ma-kun, Dish Hunter

September has come.\(^o^)/

Though I feel still heat and humidity somehow, Summer will end soon.

This season makes me feel loneliness or sorrow, and such feelings arise.

Fortunately, this Summer was full of Work, such as the visit to San Francisco, Live Shows, shootings or events. So the memory of my private time this Summer seems to be less than usual, but today I'd like to take the chance, as always, to introduce you to this project.♫

"Ma-kun: Dish Hunter. Let's chase the ultimate dish!"

By the way, did you guys kept eating well, despite the Summer heat being severe?

Hey those of you, who were having a poor appetite! I hope you spend regular life by eating fully three Meals a day.\(^o^)/

What I introduce this time, me who have hunted many dishes, is...

MIzu-shingen Mochi, so-called "Rain drop cake" at Kinseiken, which is now a hot topic because it can be eaten just Saturdays and Sundays from June to September!!!

I cannot find an exact expression for how delicious they are...It is no exaggeration to say, not too much to say, I continued to do my best in order to eat this one.( ̄▽ ̄)

They are not allowed to be brought out because they are easy to melt. I would have liked to bring about 20 of them, if possible...

According to the inquiry beforehand, they became topic on the Internet and they are the products of limited time, so I was forced to get in line to get them.

I got a numbered ticket safely (though it was 18th), and waited for the opening.People came in a steam to the shop. That's just how much it has been talked about. ( ̄▽ ̄)

Due to too many people, I had to go out the shop immediately after eating them on the long chair lined outside, but I really enjoyed the softness or deliciousness.\(^o^)/

You can eat them only Saturday & Sunday until the end of September.

Those of your who haven't experienced this great dish yet, How about taking a trip to Kinseiken?

Please confirm the information beforehand on their Homepage.

Then, what splendid dish will I hunt next?

The journey of Ma-kun, the Dish-Hunter seems to continue.


Masato Ochiai

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Kindly Translated by: Ayumi (Thanks a lot!)

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