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Home improvement

Good Morning in many, many languages.


It's the start of a new week.

Once again, Tohoku and Hokkaido started their week with the massive damage brought upon by typhoon.

Please be very careful with the next typhoon approaching Japan.

【Fully fed ((゜ω゜●)”】


(242th day of 2016)

Monday began with the approaching Typhoon.

As the blue sky peeps through the cloud,

It was cloudy with occasional rain.

Today I removed the dirty wallpaper from the the walls and change to brick wallpaper.

Looks not bad at all.

I can totally understand people who hooked on DIY.

Typhoon is coming tomorrow.. I wonder if going to be rough weather..



(243th day of 2016)

Typhoon No. 10 has approached close.

It has been raining and stopped since last night, and the sky looks pretty busy.

But Kanagawa doesn't seem to be affected much by the typhoon.

the clouds are moving fast though...

Typhoon updates from various places are shown on the TV

The rain and wind seems really bad, and of course the rough seas...

It was fine over at my area.

But it has been very hot and humid for the whole day.

At dawn, the wind has turn cool and the sky looks gentle.

I wonder if it's going to become hot tomorrow...


(244th day of 2016)

At break of dawn after yesterday`s typhoon...

The TV was showing scenes of damages at Tohoku caused by the Typhoon.

Please be really careful.

As for the weather here, seems like the blue sky is going to turn real hot.

but it didn't. Comfortable wind kept on blowing.

Even though it was hot,

it was a pleasant day.

Today I went to a place which I would rarely go...

And on my way back, I bought a piece of pizza from the bakery, crispy curry bread, and squared soft and fluffy bread.

I could feel just the wind, not much of the heat.

the weather has eased...

Today`s weather was so comfortable..


(245th day of 2016)

Hot hot Thursday.

I so happened to bump into my dad at the bus stop this morning. And I took my queue behind him and didn't call him on purpose.

He turned his head back, but didn't realize my presence and boarded the bus. He didn't notice me at all until I called out.

That was really funny...

Today is HOT Thursday.

And today, after I was back home, I had an electrician to my house to change switches for 3 spots.

(Toilet, Kitchen, Corridor).

These 3 spots have been dark all the while...

Well actually there is one more light in the kitchen

but for the rest of the area, he has to work in complete darkness.

and when the house lit up right after the exchange was complete..(゜∇゜●)゛

I was sooooo happy... just like how Edison was feeling.

Btw, I tried to exchange the switch by myself once, but I ended up getting electric shock...

It was so scary and I stopped doing it...

As long as you are not the rubber human who had the Gomu Gomu Fruits,

please be very careful when you are handling electrical stuffs.

(Anyway, the referee for soccer UEA League was really bad huh...or was he just putting an act...

There is no point crying over spilled milk and you still have to continue to win in order to fight among the world players..)

Fight soccer!! From now, it's Japan team!!


(246th day of 2016)

Seems like its going to turn hot today too...

Glaring sunrays.. but

it feels pretty comfortable as the wind blow..

Even with the sunlight, it feels nice and warm.

But when the wind stops in the afternoon, it was hot..

Today when I was in the bus, I suppose it was after school hours...

A young chap, by himself all the while, was fighting with his right and left hands,




His hands were flying across and over the head of a lady who was seated in front.

I was trying to hold my laughter, as I looked at the lady who sat still, and the chap who was fighting, not worrying about the lady in front..

But I think I let out a little laughter.

I thought that lady could be his mom... But since he left the bus all by himself, I guess I was wrong.

Right hand and left hand... I wonder, which won in the end... Or was it a close match.. aha (゜▽゜●)゛

Everyone, have a nice weekend...


(247th day of 2016)

According to the weather forecast for Saturday,

it's going to be raining.

Some how the air feels hot and humid..

It was a hot day, and after past noon, it started to raining.

At night, the rain continues, and it was humid.

Toast for today, was chocolate with hazelnut and mushroom butter.

Ah...the inside of this baseball cap, had this net cover...

But it seems like it's not for the hero to transform himself,

nor is it for blocking the sun..

It was actually meant to keep the cap in shape and to prevent stuffiness.. ( ̄▽ ̄●)゛

Guys would have lowered that net cover at least once, for a transformation... aha..



(248th day of 2016)

This morning, the sky was covered by clouds.

Even now, it looks like it is going to rain...

But looking at the clouds, as time past, Sunday turned sunny, hot and humid...

I wonder if you guys had a pleasant weekend...

You guys have worked hard for this week too (_ _ ●)゛

A new week has begun.

Very first Monday of September.

LIttle by little, I could feel that the sun is setting much earlier.

Voices of the insects calling at night

Summer is moving bit by bit into the next season...

I hope that this new week will bring you pleasant moments that warm your heart everyday, every second...

I hope that gentle wind will blow into each and everyone`s heart...

Things will be fine, everything will be OK.

The wind blew.

Let's live!!\(゜∇゜●)゛

【I hope that warm hearts, gentle feelings, and wind full of smiles will blow through this world...】

【The typhoon, whatever it is.. I hope this week too, that each step you make will lead you to tomorrow, to a week of calmness】

Let's move on for the week!!

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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Kindly translated by: Ray Y. (Thanks a lot!)

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