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T-shirt week

Bom dia Rio!! (Good Morning Rio, in Portuguese)

Good Morning in many, many languages.


It is the start of a new week.

The Olympics are over, with the Paralympics beginning last week.

It was truly a beautiful opening ceremony.

Once again, these athletes who train for this once in 4 years event

Participate in the opening ceremony,

And just watching them brings a natural smile to my face...

What a beautiful moment...

【I’m gonna wear T-shirts! ((゜ω゜●))” 】


(249th day of 2016)

It is the start of a new week.A refreshing breeze passes by today,

And while the sunshine is hot during this fine day,

It makes me feel rested…May a gentle wind blow by this week…


(250th day of 2016)

This morning, before heading out, I watched a movie for once...[ZOOLANDER 2]



What a surprise from the very beginning…

I wonder how famous each and every actor is within this movie…

That person, and that person…I’ve at least seen each of them once, for a while now…

And when I rent out a random movie…

They are just famed actors who surprise me and make me laugh, by just being idiots doing stupid things…

Just gorgeously stupid…

I just can’t stop loving this movie.

As expected of Ben!!

And, on my way home,

I visited the dentist for a treatment, and headed home.

The evening sky today is just beautiful.


(251st day of 2016)

Today is a Wednesday of rain. But my way home was met with a bright, bright, bright sun. With the dampness of the rain, it only made the heat worse.

Red bean paste sandwich ゙(゜О゜●)”!?

Maybe it’s some kind of relative to those in Nagoya…I didn’t know Maa-kun got us members such souvenirs.

In both Nagoya and Osaka, We only saw Akafuku (red bean paste mochi)...

I’m sure there are all kinds of delicious souvenirs…Potato keyholders/ potato pie/ potato sweet buns

An “I LOVE POTATO” T-shirt/ Hakata Jagaimon

Jaguar Yokota cards/ Potato jelly… etc…

Hey…most of them are just potato stuff!!


(252nd day of 2016)

More than the opening ceremony of the Olympics, The opening ceremony of the Paralympics is really, really Much more outstanding and moving. What an opening ceremony. The ladies who dance with mechanical or prosthetic legs, And there was a moment when the runner with the holy flame

Fell down on his way…

The staff responded…

and helped to pass on the flame, The crowd all stood up and cheered them on,

As the runner kept running in the rain. And as the rain fell on the last runner,

Who sat in a wheelchair up the slippery slope,

The holy flame had finally ignited the Fire.

Even with failures, we have to accept them.

And with many difficulties, we must face them.

With the strength to keep on smiling.

The Fire that connects heart to heart, smile to smile.

With the Paralympics,

I hope that it will be a wonderful event...

If only they could broadcast all of the events as they do with the Olympic events…

No matter which event I look at, all the participants are amazing…

Do your best!!