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Over the Top

Today's training is "“Mount Fuji”.

I climbed Mount Fuji.

The climbing gear was so heavy, nearly 20 kg. It was really tough.

And I almost died in a whiteout and a gust of wind at the top of the mountain.

I’m relieved that I could come back safely. I’m thinking of going back soon in order to watch the early-morning sunlight.

I could build up the muscles of lower body.

I could hardly take pictures, but I want you to see just this one:

Sunset floating in the sea of clouds.

And we performed at the event in Nihonbashi, Tokyo today.



Wearing a suit, I enter World Order mode. (^_^)

Let’s work out healthy- and happily. (^^)



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Kindly Translated by: Kazumi (Thanks a lot!)

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