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A cloudy and rainy Week

Bom dia Rio!! (“Good Morning, Rio” in Portuguese)

Good Morning in many, many languages.


The Paralympics is amazing.

I can only watch it if I wake up early, But nonetheless, I’m moved by what I see.

Finding out how such events are so interesting…

I was surprised by how intense wheelchair rugby is

And the tactics and power needed to keep on running for so long.

Above all else, I truly believe everyone’s smile is beautiful.

I wonder how this new week will unfold...

【It’s a week of cloud and rain (゜ω゜●))” 】


(256th day of 2016)

Today, on the morning when the Paralympics started,

I saw Narita Mayumi, a swimmer who is also from Kawasaki.

Although she retired once, she’s back in Rio, on top of the paralympics stage…Even though she’s approaching the age of 50, her strokes are strong,

And her smile is beautiful.

And during an interview…

“Why are you able to work hard so much!?”

When asked that…

“Because there is no reason for me to give up.”

Was her answer.

On such a morning, from Narita-san and all the athletes of the world,I’m embraced by their smiles and will to compete.

To see them like this, I’m moved to tears.

May everyone live through this week with warmth.


(257th day of 2016)

Honda Minako

Even now, I remember her. When she performed on Miss Saigon together with Ichimura Masachika, When I was only in elementary school. I was mesmerized as I watched her perform on stage through opera glasses.

It was not a good seat at all, as it was far, far back…Although Honda Minako-san has passed away, I will not forget how I felt when I saw her on stage. Even as the helicopter appeared above the stage…I could hear her voice and see her well, even from this far seat.

On my way home, I had balled in front of my parents, until they bought me this CD. I’ve kept it safe in my closet. No matter how many times I listen to it, I still recall The momentous feeling I'd felt at that time.

I’m reminded of that time again.

That time where I had set foot on the Imperial Theatre stage, Being Aikawa Kinya’s attendant, studying under him.

The art of stage performance… From stage doors to the Imperial Theatre setting…

I would greet each and everyone with my head bowed,

As I distributed gifts from Aikawa-san to the actors’ dressing rooms…

Or I would follow him to a famous person’s dressing room,

Or have his wooden casing ready and prepared beforehand.

I would also go early to clean his dressing room, Running around and getting the plants watered too.

I was only 21 years old then… but Aikawa Kinya-san Has already passed away this past year (Diary April 20th 2015, Friday) Even then, for whatever reason it may be, I am right now on stage, living my life.

It feels rather strange to me…

That moment of appreciation I felt for the Musical “Miss Saigon,” It must still be connected to me right now… Even if it was only for a moment, It has connected to my life nonetheless,

And since I live, I should live it well. I should be moved, whether I cry or smile by doing so.

Tomorrow, there will be another treasure that will enter my heart

I am alive, and I treasure each day that comes and passes.

Now, let’s live on.


(258th day of 2016)

Today is a cloudy sky Wednesday…

As usual, I place a folding umbrella into my bag,

and head out…

A bit of rain showers, and then it stops…

And on my way home today...I bought a slice of not-so-baked-anymore pizza.

Together with some fries from McDonalds…

As always… French Fries are the best!!


(259th day of 2016)

Today, I feel…That it’s a Thursday with a sky that doesn’t feel right. And as I visit my family on my way home, I find toys scattered everywhere…

So who is the culprit...

and as I look around slowly, Right on the spot, Ryo-chan comes, with his round head as he wraps himself around my leg like a koala...

Seems like the fad with the kids lately…

And pretending I don’t notice him, I try to…

My… my leg feels heavy…Today’s round-headed Ryo-chan sticks to my leg,

Filled with 100% energy, ready to play pranks.