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Monkey Year

Thank you very much for all Birthday Messages. There were a lot of them, and they made me very happy. The Message from Maa-kun came a little bit after 12:00, but 12:00 Noon! (LOL).

On September 23rd, is usually Autumn Equinox, but this year, it was on the 22nd.

Sometimes things just get adjusted. And I enjoyed the Autumn Fireworks.

So being in the mid-thirties, sometimes it is difficult to know in which side of the Age Scale you are.

But in my case, it is easy to remember, I just have to see the year. So I actually turned 20 in the year 2000, and I was 19 in 1999. And I remember getting many restless greetings when entering the 21st Century in 2001 and turning 21. Speaking with people of the same age, they’re mostly unimpressed. But when I talk to people of other ages, they mostly say ‘Amazing!’

So now, in 2016 I’ve became 36 years old.

Monkey Year, Misfortune leaves

Monkey Year, Bitterness leaves

Monkey Year, Difficulty leaves

366 Days, prosperous, prosperous.

It’s the Year of the Monkey.

Let's enjoy the rest of it.

Striking Monkey Poses, is bringing a strange Tension.


Hayato Uchiyama

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