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Like a Ginko Leaf

Good Morning in many, many languages.


The wind during the night is progressively become Colder and soothing.

The summer sky are passing finally

As I feel like I’m seeing more of the autumn colours in the sky…

Gingko leaves are starting to fall,

So it must be time for the trees to also move into the next season.

I believe I’ll keep wearing a T-shirt though...

【I’m… like a Gingko leaf (´▽`●)” 】


(270th day of 2016)

Today is a very humid day Compared to last week, the temperature has risen,

Leading back to the lifestyle of living in the heat.

I wonder if the rest of the week will also be hot…Today, during rehearsal, we were given Mobile phone shaped Sablé, a little snack from Yokosuka.

I didn’t know…

that Yokosuka was where the flip phone was invented… Maybe because there is a US base nearby…On my way home, I got a deluxe size batch of French Fries from Poppo.

My feet are also sore from wearing the shoes for so long.

A new week, may it be a week filled with warmth…


(271st day of 2016)

Yesterday, I became passionate over the large moth I had seen back home… as large as 10 centimeters.

It has a face on its wings… when I looked it up…

I found out that it’s a “Acherontia styx”...

Overseas, there exists an acherontia styx In Europe with a skull-like pattern instead.

In English, it’s called a “Death’s-head Hawkmoth.”

There seems to be a lot of superstition about it,

In regards to being the mark of death,

Bringing bad luck and unhappiness…

[The Silence of the Lambs]

The same moth is on the poster For the release of “The Silence of the Lambs”

A larvae… rests in his hand (゜〇゜;;)” Viewing such a story, how gross.

What a gross story…

Today is when my wisdom teeth will be removed,

Oh how exciting…

They’ll be removed so cleanly, so exciting…

And…To the dentist I go…

To remove my wisdom teeth… instantly… ( ̄∇ ̄●;)

Ah… Only took two seconds… they’re gone… yeah, all done.


(272nd day of 2016)

Today’s weather is pleasant with streaming sunshine.

Yesterday, my teeth were removed…I had some miso soup and medicine,

And applied a poultice to my cheek before sleeping.

The picture may be small, but my wisdom tooth…

It looks like a worn out eraser…

As a result, I woke up at 4am…

After that, I headed out to rehearsal, Returning home under a cloudy sky.

Today, for once, I am having seafood instant noodles together with chicken nuggets.

Does everyone prefer mustard,

Or do they like barbecue sauce...


(273rd day of 2016)

This morning, I awoke to the pain of where my teeth had been removed.

Maybe it’s because I tried to brush it last night…

It’s difficult to brush my back teeth ever since the removal…

This morning, I had some toast before leaving.

Although rain trickled,

I could see the blue sky above.

It was a day where it rained and cleared nonstop.


(274th day of 2016)