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Special Report: 'Working World' Show - Part 1

Before the LIVE Shows on Sunday August 21st., each of the WORLD ORDER MEMBERS, took some time to talk to us.


WOiF: You recently came back from your 1st Show in San Francisco, How was it?

Yusuke: Well, everybody said already that the weather and everything was very good… what else should I say?

WOiF : How was the Show for you? How was the Audience?

Yusuke: We received a great response from the Audience. We couldn't communicate in words, but they were so excited to see the show. We were so happy.

One particular Fan… brought presents and letters for all Members. That struck me! I mean, Japanese fans usually bring us Presents with letters, but it is unusual from fans overseas.

WOiF : Yeah, people seemed to be very excited! In some Videos of the Show, we heard many girls (women/ people) screaming. What do you feel when you hear the girls screaming out your Name?

Yusuke : Well, regardless of Gender it makes me feel very happy to hear the Audience calling my Name.


WOiF : What about you, Tomizo san? What do you think about the Audience in SF?

Tomizo : They were great! We were really excited, and got pumped up with their energy.

WOiF : Do you like it when the Audience shows their excitement?

Tomizo: Of course!

WOiF : I was screaming a lot on the Show yesterday. (LOL)

Tomizo: And? How was it? The Show?

WOiF : (Are you serious?) Great! Fantastic! I really can’t get enough!

Tomizo: Thank you!

WOiF: What message can you send in general, to the Fans overseas?

Tomizo: We’d love the people overseas to watch our Show, and I’m looking forward to meeting all the Fans.

WOiF : And, do you have a favourite part of the Show?

Tomizo: I had a lot of fun with ‘Have a nice Day’, where everyone can dance freely at the end.

WOiF : That was certainly amazing!

Tomizo: I'd really like overseas fans to see that!


WOiF : Masato san, which one is your favourite part of the Show?

Masato: I like the fact, that this time there's a Story between the songs. That is something the Fans have never seen before.

WOiF : What message could you send to the Fans overseas?

Masato : I really hope you all have the chance to see the Show on Blu-Ray. (Release: December 24th. Available to Preorder, NOW!) And with this Blu-Ray release, we are hoping to increase the opportunities for us to perform overseas, so we would be glad if you continue to support us.

WoiF: You bet we will!


(Stay Tuned for the 2nd. Part of our Report!)

Pictures by: Ani & Kazumi

Translation by: Kazumi. (Thank you!)

Watch our first Snippet of the Show and get a small taste of what is coming on the Blu-Ray! :

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