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Today's training is


We had a shooting at a particular studio in Tokyo (^^)

(Picture 1: video cameras in a row)

So many cameras, maybe I’ve never seen before. (゚o゚;;

(Picture 2 : TomizoJoony)

When I adjusted my tie in a daze, using the cell-phone camera, unexpectedly Tomizoom-in (LOL).

Mysterious guy, “Tomizo” isn’t he?

We had a pleasant plan and productive shooting.(^^)

I can’t wait until the work is completed, in many respects.(LOL)

I hope you all look forward to it. ( ᐛ )

(Picture 3 : Intersection)

After the filming, it was already dark outside.

I took pictures. Recently I’m into multiple-exposure photography. (^ ^)

The car lights are beautiful.

Let’s work out healthy- and happily. (^^)



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Kindly Translated by: Kazumi (Thanks a lot!)

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