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'Working World' Shows Special Report Part 2

Before the LIVE Shows on Sunday August 21st., each of the WORLD ORDER Members, generously took some time to talk to us.

Here is the Second Part of these Mini-Interviews.


WOiF : How long were you preparing this new Show?

Aki : We didn’t have much time… We started right away as we came back from San Francisco, and we were working on it for 6 or 7 hours a day.

WOiF : Every day?

Aki: Almost every day.

WOiF: Do you have a favourite part of the Show?

Aki : I used to perform Stage Plays, (TN: Through his training, see question below) that’s why my favourite part was the one when we say a couple lines.

WOiF : You studied Drama, right?

Aki : Yes, Ucchy and I went to the same Drama School.

WOiF : I personally think it is visible in the Commercials.

BTW, It seems that you were in this old Bike Commercial, is it true?

Aki: Yes, I was. I’m visible a little bit at the End, when I go like this… (makes some dance moves).

WOiF: (LOL) Specially in the most recent commercials, like the Waku-Doki series, I find it is visible on your facial expressions, that you both have training as Actors.

Would you like to work as an actor, later? After WORLD ORDER maybe?

Aki : Yes, I’d like to work in any kind of performance Shows. That’s why I sometimes work as Choreographer in Theatre plays. (Diaries: April 18th 2016, Entry Saturday… and April 4th 2016, Entry Monday)

WOiF : What can you tell us about the Show, specially for the Fans who were not able to come and see it?

Aki : Ohh, I wish everybody could see it, because we have a new Trial. It’s like a whole new ‘Package’ and it’s worth to see it in its entirety. I really hope everybody can see it.


Ucchy: Hello (in English)

WoiF: ???

Ucchy: Genki san invited me to Join eLingo, his English coaching Academy

WoiF: Wow! That’s great!

So, Ucchy san, please tell us, which is your favourite Part of the Show?

Ucchy: I like the Destruction part of the Robots (Members), where Bugs eventually infected us, and we were getting crazy and finally exploded…