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'Working World' Shows Special Report Part 2

Before the LIVE Shows on Sunday August 21st., each of the WORLD ORDER Members, generously took some time to talk to us.

Here is the Second Part of these Mini-Interviews.


WOiF : How long were you preparing this new Show?

Aki : We didn’t have much time… We started right away as we came back from San Francisco, and we were working on it for 6 or 7 hours a day.

WOiF : Every day?

Aki: Almost every day.

WOiF: Do you have a favourite part of the Show?

Aki : I used to perform Stage Plays, (TN: Through his training, see question below) that’s why my favourite part was the one when we say a couple lines.

WOiF : You studied Drama, right?

Aki : Yes, Ucchy and I went to the same Drama School.

WOiF : I personally think it is visible in the Commercials.

BTW, It seems that you were in this old Bike Commercial, is it true?

Aki: Yes, I was. I’m visible a little bit at the End, when I go like this… (makes some dance moves).

WOiF: (LOL) Specially in the most recent commercials, like the Waku-Doki series, I find it is visible on your facial expressions, that you both have training as Actors.

Would you like to work as an actor, later? After WORLD ORDER maybe?

Aki : Yes, I’d like to work in any kind of performance Shows. That’s why I sometimes work as Choreographer in Theatre plays. (Diaries: April 18th 2016, Entry Saturday… and April 4th 2016, Entry Monday)

WOiF : What can you tell us about the Show, specially for the Fans who were not able to come and see it?

Aki : Ohh, I wish everybody could see it, because we have a new Trial. It’s like a whole new ‘Package’ and it’s worth to see it in its entirety. I really hope everybody can see it.


Ucchy: Hello (in English)

WoiF: ???

Ucchy: Genki san invited me to Join eLingo, his English coaching Academy

WoiF: Wow! That’s great!

So, Ucchy san, please tell us, which is your favourite Part of the Show?

Ucchy: I like the Destruction part of the Robots (Members), where Bugs eventually infected us, and we were getting crazy and finally exploded…

WOiF : Is this part relaxing for you? Because you don’t dance?

Ucchy: No, actually I feel more relaxed while dancing. I feel more pressure with acting.

WOiF : You are giving 2 Shows today. What do you normally do in between? Can you relax a little bit?

Ucchy: I entirely take a rest. One show makes me already really exhausted.


WOiF : Do you have a favourite part of the show?

Joony : I like when we dance the Argyle Pattern part, at the climax on ‘Aquarius’. I tried to keep my mind empty while dancing, and focus just on the dance, but at that particular moment, I felt the stage lights looked beautiful and the atmosphere around was cool, from my position. But I’m not sure it is visible for the Audience though.

WOiF: And what Message could you send the Fans overseas?

Joony: We’ll release this new show on Blu-Ray. I would like many people to see this live performance of WORLD ORDER taking a new approach. And we hope many people can see our performance firsthand, directly at the venue, although we are not sure we will perform again like we are doing it this time.

WoiF: Thank you very much for bringing this Show out on Blu-Ray.


Watch our Second Snippet of the Show and get a small taste of what's coming on the


Pictures by: Ani & Kazumi

Translation by: Kazumi. (Thank you!)

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