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The beauty of Leaves

(Leaves) grow thick briskly.

In these leaves which grew thick, I discover a treasure!

It come out a lot when I dig it up!

Three seedlings which I got, have grown at ease, and many fruits came, which were bigger than my hand. The harvest is really nice. I wonder how insects look at them.

It's somehow embarrassing to write about my farm after I wrote all those long sentences last week.

But I read the comments on the diary, and I was really encouraged. Thank you so much.

In a conversation with a person who advices me about farming at my field, it just came out, the topic, that if you do nothing to a field, then seeds of plants fly to the field, and it will become a forest before long.

No matter what an agricultural method is, I work hard to grow vegetables and not become a forest, and I eat those vegetables to live. I have to keep it in my heart properly.