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The beauty of Leaves

(Leaves) grow thick briskly.

In these leaves which grew thick, I discover a treasure!

It come out a lot when I dig it up!

Three seedlings which I got, have grown at ease, and many fruits came, which were bigger than my hand. The harvest is really nice. I wonder how insects look at them.

It's somehow embarrassing to write about my farm after I wrote all those long sentences last week.

But I read the comments on the diary, and I was really encouraged. Thank you so much.

In a conversation with a person who advices me about farming at my field, it just came out, the topic, that if you do nothing to a field, then seeds of plants fly to the field, and it will become a forest before long.

No matter what an agricultural method is, I work hard to grow vegetables and not become a forest, and I eat those vegetables to live. I have to keep it in my heart properly.

In addition, I began to get some turnips, and the harvest of the favorite Malabar nightshade was over.

Thank you very much.

Then beside my morning glory, awfully strong grasses had grown...some flowers bloomed, so beautiful, but I left them unattended then I was surprised that there were fruits which I have ever seen. These were Red Peppers. I left the seeds which I removed when I ate Red Peppers, then the buds came up. I worry whether they are seasonally all right, but I want to watch them carefully from now on.

And I obtained some Manchurian Wild Rice the other day. I got four of them but I peeled the bigger ones first over-enthusiastically, so I took a picture of the smallest.

Since the Jomon Period (BC14000 thru 4000), they seem to be appreciated crops, as useful to purify toxins and body waste products.

I cooked KINPIRA, (chopped vegetables roots cooked in sugar and soy sauce), with the Manchurian Wild Rice and made tea with its leaves.

I like both.


Hayato Uchiyama

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