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A good balance

I bought a bottle of a Rare COSMOS 'strenuous exertion' Edition of ARAMASA .

Bars which serve ARAMASA's SAKE increase now.

To be honest I think there are half of the bars which keep the SAKE in good condition, but others don't because preservation is not good or time passes after it's first opened, so the best way is to purchase it myself after all.

The reason why I choose ARAMASA is this aspect: If they use something bad for health but display it,

I can choose it after having recognized it, however, if not displayed, I am anxious because I don't know what is used.

To produce JUNMAISHU (SAKE made without added alcohol or sugar) is also good..

And I read a recommended book.

Author, MURE, had taken a long time to recover her health from a change of her physical condition, by using moderation in sweets, following a thought of Chinese medicine.

It was fun to read how she has been trying to find out her moderate balance, while conflicting.

As the book said, if you came to consume additives, your body gets heavy and some symptoms of withdrawal come out after a long absence of them. It was written that if you eat something bad, the symptom doesn't appear because you are paralyzed, but it is unchanged to take it in.

I don't originally want to eat sweets containing white sugar so I don't need to endure it. It's been for a long time that I haven't taken artificial additives and chemical seasoning, but I sometimes get a luncheon at work. Then, I feel a sick esophagus and stomach, like I would take alien substances, and my body is heavy.

That's my trouble.The best solution is to bring my own luncheon. I am going to find a good way slowly.


Hayato Uchiyama

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Kindly Translated by: taro (Thanks a lot!)

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