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A clean place to live.

This year, I've come to be particular about separating the garbage. I roughly did it before but I was not so much conscious about it. It was like my house was refreshed when I threw my garbage away. That's it!

Now, I want to send recyclable papers for wastepaper collection if possible, I separate plastics of course, and I tear the seals off, if possible. I take off every staple from stapled papers and separate them.

I donate clothes and shoes and I can even send them to reuse or recycle. I have seen that each local government has called us for years by letters, saying,"Let's reduce garbage!" and "Half of raw garbage is water", for cost reduction, but I haven't paid attention to them because there was not such a consciousness.

One of the reasons why my consciousness changed, is to have known ISHIZAKA INDUSTRY in

Miyoshi-machi, Saitama. They have turned around the negative image of Industrial Waste Disposal Operators dramatically. They have made it possible to recycle 95 percent of industrial waste by separating them thoroughly.

I think, the high technique level and the consciousness, leads to realization.

And, is this story connected?... I think it is. I read a unique book.

I think it's the same meaning, about taking responsibility for the things one take out. You know "what", as you see the title of the book (Eat, Sleep, Shit outside).

The author had a question that someone else treated in a far-off place. He thought, human being not only took away from nature and polluted, but had to return to nature, so he moved to action.

He continued observing that various animals, insects, microorganisms and mushrooms decompose.

It was fun to read that.

I don't have courage and high consciousness to return, but for a person walking the mountain, I think I'll have to do it sometime as usual.

This will be surely connected, too: I watched a recommended documentary film.

In a land, which has been spared from the human being, even endangered animals spread, and the working of Nature developed. One horse, prepared neatly a place to die, and the image of how it calmly passed away, was beautiful. It was impressive. And it will be decomposed by other lives.

And there is a stream, where I use to go, a little away from my home. It is an oasis not only for people but ducks and various animals, so I like it. I think it was beautiful, but garbage sometimes floated on it, so I worried about that. I was itching to do something, so I picked the garbage. It was not for somebody else but for me. My boots for the rice field were useful after a long absence.

I walked a section of about 100 meters. I thought some garbage fell, but there was a lot more than I expected, so I regretted it a little.

I think there hasn't been much garbage fall in my hometown because people may think this is our place if they got to the country.

Before the Tokyo Olympic in 1964, Garbage seemed to be thrown away in many places of Tokyo, so in the severe places, it used to be written "the earth becomes dirty from here" for precaution. But it didn't seem to stop.

I just think "I don't want to get my living place dirty if possible" without a big reason.


Hayato Uchiyama

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