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#WOPV2016... Thank you!

Three days of Street Performances have ended successfully.

I really appreciate people who hurried to see our performance in their busy time.

And people who unfortunately were not able to take part this time, or who live far from Tokyo, we would like to make every effort to make a Project like this come true again, so I hope for your support from now on too!

Except for the first day, a lot of people gathered despite of being week days, and we members all could enjoy the best performance in front of them.

I was so happy to interact with the fans, although it was a short time.

Then, we'll start the editing task!

Every one is a cameraman!!

Please, post on SNS with hashtag #wopv2016. ^^

I/ We have seen all the shots posted.♫

Some think out how to take pictures or shot from the side or the back, which we can't see every day, and others, even from the Upside; I find every point of view so splendid!

We look forward to the completion, although it will take some time, so we ask for your patience, please. m(_ _)m


Masato Ochiai

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Kindly Translated by: Ayumi (Thanks a lot!)

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