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An autumn walk

November will end soon and there is merely one month and a little left this year.

Does anyone have anything left undone?

Then after finishing rehearsal, I have a little time, so I felt like walking around; I got off the train at Shibuya and decided to do a "Maa-Sanpo".(Masato's walk) Is it because I was invited by the twilight of autumn? I passed Harajuku and rushed through Omotesando, and at the end, I arrived at Gaien-mae which is colored totally yellow.

Many people take pics, take a walk or rest on the bench. Time seemed to go slowly there.

After all I remember the song "LAST DANCE".

This colored leaf season will end soon so please visit if you like. ♬

At night, me and two of my old friends ate "Meat Nabe" talking about our old days as a relish.

Let's do our best with good energy from tomorrow, too! ^ ^♬


Masato Ochiai

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Kindly Translated by: Ayumi (Thanks a lot!)

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