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A week of many colors

Good Morning in many, many languages.


A new week has started.

Around the time, when this diary is released, I am not in Japan…

Snow fell here last week…

It was a week, where things went very cold.

Also, it seems like the influenza started going around,

so please everybody, take care of yourself.

Also last week, Thank you very much for the week…

Ah…The back of the figure of Kumamon was sort of lonesome,

but Kumamon went ahead to Kumamoto to cheer it up through smiling…

Kumadamon also goes to Kumamoto afterwards.

【Shizuku (Water-drop) dyed in many colours.】


(326th day of 2016)

[Shizuku dyed in the color of coffee (゜ω ゜●)”]

A cold start of the Monday,

which changed from the warmth of yesterday.

The sky is pure white due to the clouds, and the sun is not there.

A weather which is cold with start of the rain.

Today we have to go out in the evening, to rehearse at night.

Starting from today, we rehearse for the Live Show at the end of the year.

How will the Live concert be?

How much will it change compared to last time?

We still don’t know…

Please look forward to the 'Working World' Live concert

at the end of the year 2016.


(327th day of 2016)

[Shizuku, dyed in the color of the sky (゜ω ゜●)” ]

This morning an earthquake occurred, after long time.

I experienced a long shake and the lights of the ceiling,

swung very strong too.

Immediately, a Tsunami warning and an advisory were released, and on TV, a callout to the people living near the sea, was given: On the screen was "evacuate immediately".

At that day I didn’t experienced the big long shaking, but certainly it was long.

On the TV, there was all day long news about the earthquake

and I could see the adverse tides of the rivers.

You felt fear, didn't you?

In reality, when I saw the signs of the height of the tsunami, at the time when I went to Fukushima for shooting, I felt unspeakable fear and I felt the strength of the smiles of the people.

Even the smallest and not to exaggerate, the importance is to protect the smile.

From the early morning we felt fear…

I hope, that we can return fast to the peaceful daily life after calming down.


(328th day of 2016)

[Shizuku, dyed in the colors of a cow (゜ω ゜●)” ]

A very very cold Wednesday, today is a holiday…

Because of that, the train station will be crowded.

Today’s Shibuya is still crowded

Even it’s cold, everybody is in high spirits.

If I had a break, I would stay indoors.

Today is a start of pure white-, clouded sky- weather.

When I went home, the weather was still the same.

At the bus station to my home

there were people, asking the bus driver, which direction the bus goes.

Driver: «This bus is non-stop only at the first days of the year»

With that, I thought it would be the end.

But there were still many people who asked the same question again and again.

Questioner: «At the first day, from which hour?»

Driver: « I don’t know this now…»

Questioner: «Do you know, which day is the first day of the year?»

The searching driver: «the first day is a Sunday…»

Oh oh, the questions for the driver are going to be more and more.

In this time, there were people who didn’t entered the bus and waited…

While the many feelings in my heart got stronger, I listened to them, but at the end

Questioner: «At that day, are there any programs from NHK?»

My heart: “Oh coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooome oooooooooooooooon”

Driver:»I don't know that…»

What a nice driver…

(When I researched it, the bus drivers in Kawasaki are famous for being the rudest…)

There are many drivers, who would say something like: «What’s this guy problem? »,

but there are also quite many nice drivers, too.

Their manners against old or handicapped people are bad and they get often angry.

I thought, that they really would want to say "Hey you, stop that …!"

I always think, they are so many people, But this person is nice.

When the question about NHK came up, I wanted to laugh…

Because of the weird passengers and the many questions,

I thought the impatient bus driver would get angry.

Thank you, Today’s bus driver for the way to my home.

Somehow, it became a Labor Thanksgiving Day of the heart.

Tomorrow, the Forecast prognoses 4°C

The temperature is very different, so take care of your health and spend a nice holiday.


(329th day of 2016)

[Shizuku , dyed in the color of snow]


The refrigerator in my home

This year’s first turn of the

panel heater.

Inside: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarm


Outside: (゜ロ゜◇)″ ice coooold

Inside: waaaaaaaaaaaaaarm


Outside : …(゜─ ゜◇)”Coooold….

Inside : waaarm (ノ´∀`*)”

Dammit, I can’t get out.

What should I do?

Everybody, please give your best from the Futon and spend the cold day warmly.

Inside: waaaarm /(*´∀`●)\”

Get out!


(330th day of 2016)

[Shizuku glowing in sunset colors (゜ω ゜●)”]

It snowed yesterday, but it turned out to be a very fine day today, completely different from the white sky.

The air was cold…..

but it was nice weather.

There are lots of condensation trails of planes in the sky.

The higher places in the sky must be really cold.

The sugar on the sugar toast looks like yesterday’s snow….. The panel heater is useful today as well.

Since I started to use that, I feel really cold without it….

There was a beautiful sunset today.

Everybody, I hope you all have a kind weekend…


(331st day of 2016)

[Shizuku glowing in sunrise colors (゜ω ゜●)”

I went to the rooftop with my down jacket on, early this morning. The smoke rose from the chimneys of the factories, and the morning sunlight made a beautiful color.

The air was cold as usual again today, but it was nice weather. There were white clouds in the sky in the afternoon.

I am wondering if the clouds will bring worse weather?…..

Today’s SUMO was really

exciting... KAKURYU,

who has only one lost bout,

won the whole sumo tournament even before the final day.

He is always expressionless and quiet, but he always shows nice kind smiles in his interviews.

Congratulations Kakuryu!!!



(332nd day of 2016)

[Shizuku dyed in JAPAN colors (゜ω ゜●)”]

The air was cold this morning.

It seems we had rain last night; there were lots of puddles on the ground.

We are leaving Japan for a while today.

Everyone, I hope you all have a warmhearted weekend and beginning of next week…..

I am heading off soon!!


The beginning of the new week, thank you everyone for your hard work last week.

November will end this Wednesday;

this year will end in one month too, so quickly……

May your new week, new month, and the last month of 2016, be full of peace and kindness,

I hope you live each day of the week and each hour with warmth in your heart….

May the gentle winds continue to blow into your heart through the last day of the month,

through the last month of the year…..

It will be alright, it will be okay..

The wind has blown.

Let’s live!! (●´∀ ` )ノ”

【Remember to keep kindness and a warm heart. May a smiling wind blow throughout the world.】【Once again this week, may warmth follow your steps into tomorrow and into the rest of the week...】

To the new week…

Keep yourself warm…..

Off we go!!

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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Kindly Translated by: Niki and Hiromi. (Thanks a lot!)

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