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Today's training is


One week has already passed since street performances last week. Thank you everyone for coming.

It was a space where a great video would be made.

Seriously, I'd love to do another performance. We, WORLD ORDER, need to be more and more active!!

We'll do our best, so we hope you all continue to support us.

Well, while thinking that, I hit on the the idea to perform a Backflip, and you might think WORLD ORDER is amazing! (I don’t care if it’s a shallow idea (haha)) Though I avoided it, as I was afraid to fall headlong.

Then, I unexpectedly did well. I could do the Backflip on a trampoline and a Mat in a day. It seems I will be able to do it anywhere if I practice a little more.

Well, let’s check how I do the Backflip!

Let’s begin the flip by ducking down!

Here I go!

'Oh, My hairstyle is ?! Is it like Su Suneo's Style?

No, Re- Regent-Style, isn't it?

No, Sa- Saiyan, isn't it? !

Oh, it’s just as usual, I'm relieved.

I did it with proper form, didn’t I?

)Let’s work out healthy- and happily. (^^)

Especially healthily, let's keep this in mind ! !



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Kindly Translated by: Kazumi (Thanks a lot!)

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