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50 shades of black

Today's training is


I have severe muscle pain due to acrobatic training and cannot work out today.

So, I decided to do a “Black Dye” training, which I started recently.

This time, I’d like to dye this indigo blue denim shirt which is my favorite.

Put an appropriate amount of dye compound and salt in a dye bath, and heat the water to 80°C


Next, transfer the fluid containing the Dye-Compund and Salt, to a heat-retaining container; immerse the denim shirt in it, keep kneading for 20 minutes; leave them for another 20 minutes, and rinse well in cool water.

It seems easy, but, actually, it’s unexpectedly hard to keep kneading for 20 minutes, and I feel the heat in my hands even if I wear rubber gloves. (haha)

But, during that time, I can keep my mind empty, being positively affected, maybe.

And It’s also hard to rinse the shirt. No matter how many times I do it, black water keeps coming out.

So, if I rinse to some extent, I put the shirt in the washing machine, and rinse and spin it at the same time. And it was supposed to be completely rinsed!! (haha)

So, what will be the result?

Was it successful?

It became pretty black now!

(´-`).。oO (I’m glad)

But, the shirt looks a bit blueish in the light, so I have in mind to dye it again.

I don’t have to make it coal-black. I’d like to dye it black which I feel deep blue.

Since I started dyeing, I came to feel that there are various shades and tones in black.

I feel like the boundaries within black color have become finer.

Let’s work out healthy- and happily. (^^)

Let’s make dyeing carefully, so as not to dye the floor (*_*) (haha)

じょに Joony

上西隆史 Takashi Jonishi

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Kindly Translated by: Kazumi (Thanks a lot!)

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